About Mika Stefano

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Mika Stefano is a social celeb blogger.
He is a personal brand that has become a public profile.
He is one of Johannesburgs most flamboyant socialites.
He is also the person who knows the latest gossip and entertainment news. 

Mika Stefano is a young voice appealing to both black and white, gay and straight,
male and female, rich and poor.

Mika Stefano is the creator and writer of one of South Africa’s leading gossip and local entertainment websites.
He also hosts a show with @PappaSnoopy on Cliff Central – an online radio station.
He also does a weekly local entertainment round up on East Coast Radio with Carol Ralefeta.
Mika Stefano is a regular guest on SABC1’s RGB, Vuzu’s 10 Over 10 and V-Entertainment, Mzanzi Magic,
eTV’s Sunrise  and The Link.

Mika Stefano is also the marketing, PR and FOH manager of the
Auto & General Theatre on the Square in Sandton.

A closer look at Mika Stefano

Mika Stefano is a personal brand, that has become a public profile. You might have spotted him at big social scenes sporting the most colourful outfit, dancing in the TKZee music video or as a regular guest, commentating on various entertainment stories on ETV, Real Gaboza, Vuzu.TV and MTV Base.

Many know Mika Stefano as the socialite who always makes an impression on the red carpet. However, Mika is more than just a socialite extraordinaire. He is a social blogger, with a mind of his own, never too afraid to say what’s on his mind.

For someone who started blogging on a Facebook group that was created by a friend, he’s come a long way and finally has his own website; www.mikastefano.com. His website has been ranked as one of the top local gossip and entertainment websites in the country. He fast become a face for blogging in South Africa, as well as one of the most influential voices in the local entertainment industry.

Mika Stefano has hosted various entertainment segments on top mainstream radio station’s – Metro FM,
94.7 Highveld Stereo as well as East Coast Radio. He has also hosted several online show’s on various online radio station’s including Cliff Central, Trans Africa Radio and Rhythm 100 Radio.

Mika Stefano is not just about the fun and the games. He is the face of the Gay Flag of South Africa in Gauteng. He has been involved with various organizations, one in particular, Soweto HIV/AIDS Counsel. He is also one of the South African ambassadors for the international HIV awareness campaign, DANCE4LIFE. He was also responsible for launching the South African leg of the international campaign, NOH8. He also created his own anti bullying campaign called PUSH PURPLE. He has also worked with the Joburg Zoo on a celeb volunteer programme as well as with the South African Ballet Theatre.

A face recognised by many, but still at the beginning of his career, Mika Stefano plans to become an influential figure in the entertainment industry all across Africa. Passionate about local entertainment, he plans to prove that ‘yes, all the world may be a stage, but its in Africa, we stage the best performances…’    

Young, talented and driven, Mika Stefano is determined to leave his mark on society.

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Mika Stefano

Mika Stefano

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Mika Stefano

Mika Stefano

Mika Stefano

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Mika Stefano

Mika Stefano


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