Mika Stefano

#UltraSA2015 – What a turn up…

So this past Saturday, Johannesburg got its second taste of the world famous Ultra Music Festival. Now after last year I was not going to miss a single moment of this year’s festival. Planning on arriving early, sadly due to a bit of traffic, this didn’t happen. However we arrived mid afternoon and made our way into the second annual Ultra Music Festival.


I was lucky enough to be sharing the day (and most of the night) with two special friends – Thuto and Jerri. And I think that’s the most important festival rule. Go with people you enjoy spending time with. Because you don’t wanna not be with them and then they get lost in the crowd. We made our meeting point the Heineken Viewing Deck, that overlooked the sea of dancers. This was such a cool highlight to this years festival. Not only was the view spectacular – the breeze from up there was simply refreshing and often needed.

Heineken Ultra

In addition to the not so busy bar that served Ice cold Heineken’s.

Twins On Decks

The usual two – Twins On Decks were having a great time as usual. I think its our unofficial thing. to have a good time at Ultra. Lets hope Ultra 2016 consider these two guys to be a part of the line up.

DJ Capital

I also saw DJ Capital taking a break from the regular hip hop clubs and raving along with the millions of people who attended.


Fitness Guru, Jovanka was also there with her crew, who became our crew…

Alex Price

Another highlight was raving with my two brother. Theses two have become a young thirst trap – leaving me with my shirt on – whilst they showed off their gains… Ultra 2016 Im going shirts off too…

Shaun Harris

Also bumped into one of the lucky Joburg Winners – who entered my competition.

I must say, Ultra is something else – you need to prepare yourself for the razzle – because there is no other turn up as hectic as Ultra. My highlights were Armin (what a legend – especially the Ping Pong Song) Jerri and I were going cray cray, Gorgon City – who were defiantly UNMISSABLE and local legend of note, Black Coffee.

I feel I was robbed… There were three awesome stages (and at every moment of the day – there was an awesome DJ on) It felt like I had to sacrifice two dance floors for one… 😦 Wish I was able to split myself into three, so I dont have post Ultra FOMO (And I was there…lol…)

Looking forward to 2016. Another note – Please can they move it back to the grass. Stomping on the tar roaded carpark became sore after three DJ sets…


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