Late last year, I took up the challenge to #ExploreTheNight with Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana

Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana have this really cool campaign running called Explore The Night. The campaign encourages people to have fun and turn up and still travel safely from home to your party destination. Smirnoff Black have these awesome luxury cabs running in Joburg and Cape Town (until 7th Feb). All you need to do is download the app and book a free ride – and that’s exactly what I did last year.

I invited a few friends to the Auto & General Theatre on the Square where we watched the lovely musical FOREVER PLAID.

Explore The Night

After the show and some snacks we hopped into the luxury cabs at the Michaelangelo Hotel.


The cabs then took us to The Zone @ Rosebank where we went bowling at The Fun Company.

Explore The Night

Bowling was loads of fun… Sadly, I wasnt man of the match…

Explore The Night

Well done to Berneth, who was the highest scored player (and it was his first time)

We then had one more drink before heading off to our razzle destination – Nicci Beach.

Explore the Night

Some of our favorite DJs were playing. Twins On Decks, SauBomb and Nathan Mayor.


By far the coolest party of 2015 – and I think it was so cool, because I didnt have to drive. So I could have fun and not worry about how I will get home.

The #ExploreTheNight cabs are running till the 7th Feb. Simply download the app (for free) – its called #ExploreTheNight and you can book a cab to fetch you from your turn up or from home to your turn up (or both) – for free!!!

To see the rest of the pictures from the #ExploreTheNight adventure – Click Here


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