Mika Stefano

Lets play #PoloTag together – and you could win the New Polo for a year…


I am so excited to be involved in this awesome competition taking place this Friday. Over the past few weeks #PoloTag has been on the streets of Durbs and the Mother City, celebrating the launch of Volkswagen South Africa’s New Polo. And this Friday, Johannesburg gets it’s chance to win win win. Now, I wouldn’t be true to my title of GP’s Gossip Gangster, if I didn’t give you the advanced heads up on this really dope interactive game.

Aimed at getting the South African public to experience the improved drive and interior features of the New Polo, #PoloTag is the ultimate test drive: a Twitter tag game with real life implications. Simply spot me in the car, tweet the car’s location using the hashtag #PoloTag and stand the chance of test driving the car right there and then. But, beware… if someone spots the New Polo and tweets the correct location while you’re driving, your time is up and the next driver gets to take over. The top 10 participants who manage to test drive the vehicle the longest, stands the chance of winning the New Polo for a year! That’s right, if you aren’t spotted in the car, and spend the most time in the New Polo you may just win it for a year…

Stay on top of the game by looking out for the clues or #PoloLandmarks that will be tweeted by @VolkswagenSA. The Johannesburg round is on both the 15 & 16 August from 10h00 – 14h00.

I will be driving the New Polo, until I am spotted, so keep your eyes peeled! If you spot me in the New Polo, tweet @VolkswagenSA its location and wait to be tagged #YoureIt. Once #YoureIt, the vehicle will immediately stop and you’ll have 2min to reach it (an electronic board will display your Twitter handle and a two-minute countdown clock on the top of the car).

Beat the clock and you’ll be in the driver’s seat! Following their test drive, drivers will be returned to their original location by one of the #PoloTag support vehicles. #PoloTag is open to anyone with a Twitter account and valid South African drivers licence.

 Hopefully no one will spot me and I will stay in the New Polo… 

This is what happened recently in Cape Town (Just so you have an idea on how the game will work…)


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