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Spotted at the Make Your Own Havaianas Launch


Last Tuesday we went to the launch of Make Your Own Havaianas. I saw this in Rio, when I was recently in Brazil, but because I was doing Brazil on a budget and I only saw this on my last day, I was unable to get my own custom made Havaianas.
So I was thrilled to here, a year later, they brought the MYOH concept to sunny South Africa. Just in time for summer.

These were a few of the celebs I spotted at the launch…

Simba Mhere and Carmel FisherTop Billing presenter, Simba (who was celebrating his birthday) arrived with social butterfly, Carmel Fisher. havaianas SA

Jonathan Boynton-Lee from Top Billing was also there. Model Temerine Jardine towered over everyone as did PR hunni Lorinda Voges. Most recent winner of Strictly Come Dancing, Zakeeya Patel was also there.
Maps and Eda RoseModel, Maps and socialite, Eda RoseRoxy Burger and Jen SuAnd Mama of all the social butterflies, Jen Su was there, wearing the ugliest pair of heels… I don’t know what was going on… Here she was getting a quick interview with Roxy Burger of MTV Choice…

Sunshine and LeratoThe stunning Sunshine and Lerato were there… Love these two…

Fix and Sureshnie Ryder5FM was also in the house. Sureshnie and Fix.

Caherine Grenfell, Claire Conchar and Nicole Da Silva As well as Catherine and Nicole

Mika Stefano, Simba Mhere, Carmel Fisher,  Elma Smit, Tsepo SerakalalaI must say I love this picture with Carmel, Elma, Simba and Tsepo…

Will post my custom made Havaianas on twitter, so make sure you following me… 🙂


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