Carmel Fisher / Carol Ralefeta / Claudia Henkel / Jerri Mokgofe / Zakeeya Patel

Spotted at the Boschendal event…

Last Thursday I was invited to the launch of a new Boschendal champagne… (I think… I actually don’t know what the event was for… #Hides)

But these are the people who were there…
Perhaps they know what the event was in aid for?

The theme was Black & Gold…

BoschendalActress Carmel Fisher looked sexy in a black and gold dress from Robot. She is fast becoming the newest social butterfly…

zakeeya patelActress and SCD winner, Zakeeyah and her winning dance partner.

El BrodiePeople Magazine joMeurno, El Brodie…

Carol Ralefeta

Metro FM DJ, Carol Ralefeta was by far the best dressed… As she walked in, all heads focused on her. She was wearing her favourite designer, Vohni Couture… BoschendalNothing like a celeb roll call… Fashion fundi, Sarah, Carol Ralefeta, Zakeeyah, journo to the stars Mokgadi, fashion whiz and blogger Jerri and social butterfly Carmel Fisher. Claudia Henkel

The emcee for the evening (who towered over everyone) was the stunning ex Miss SA, Claudia Henkel.


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