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Spotted at the #ReddsExperience

Last Saturday was the much anticpated Redds Event. This was the first time I had ever been to a redds Experience event, but all I can say is they must have had a HUGE budget. Firstly it was held at the very expensive Sandton Convention Centre. They took over the whole of the exhibition area on the first floor. There was a huge stage and two big bar areas. In my opinion, the venue was too big. It just seemed empty, even though there were many people. These were a few of the people I spotted…

I thought we would start with Mzanzi’s newest “IT” guy… He is like most celebrities we know… These are some of the traits that make him like most of Mzanzi’s A – List.
He is a hustler. No need for an invite… Just show some skin and sneak your way in. Once in, have a good time… Drink the free drinks and eat the free food.   Random guy

And most importantly… TWERK!


He could teach the Pro Twerkers a thing or to…

Anyway’s, now that the random guy (who just my luck, is the wealthiest most influential man in Africa) is out of the way, lets get onto some more recognisable faces…

Mika StefanoI attended the  #ReddsExperience Event with my boys. Now we all know Mika Stefano know’s the hottest guys… But if you didn’t know, now you do…
Pearl MoodyThe sassy Pearl can agree to that…

Pearl Moody and Tumi SeecoHere she is with the new kid on the block, Tumi Seeco. (look him up on Instagram – @Tumi_Seeco Advance Warning, it could get hot)

Pearl and 2toeAnd the oh so charming 2toe.

Koyo and 2toeSo charming in fact, he even had Koyo going crazy…

Hood High Fashion and KoyoHere Koyo is with the Birthday Boy, Solly Moeng. Also known as HoodHighFashion (for those on Twitter)

Koyo and AneleKoyo and Anele acting out a scene from Bold and the Beautiful. You can decide who is who…

AneleAnele was the emcee for the evening… Makes sense why she went crazy at the street parade earlier in the week… She looked stylish in an orange suit, proving my statement of bigger people in orange look like the Oros man, completely wrong! I loved her badge that said “MIND THE GAP” Lehasa and Cleo Seemed like Orange was a popular colour. Model and actress Cloe looked just as gorgeous in orange. Here she is with her hunky man, Lehasa Moloi. These two look so sexy together. I mean, I would so adopt their children…

Boity and LehasaLehasa and fellow actress, Boity…. Ya ne, You can see Boity is a Sweat 1000 fan… Look at her sexy little body… Dam!

Fly ChixOne of the Fly Chix… She tried to avoid me… Wonder why?

MoraleMorale without a handbag.
I asked him what his thought were about not making the 10 OVER 10 Top Hip Hop Acts list and this is what he said…

WarrasMy old best friend, DJ Warras was there too… You can just hear him saying “Oh Hi There Mika” in the picture…lol…

Lex leoCeleb dentist and singer, Lex Leo was also in the building. Looking as stylish as ever.

Andrew Andrew Govender, Mr South Africa

C-GaC-Ga was there too… He was flying solo. Wonder where Kiki was?

SlikourSlikour was impressed with my Samsung Galaxy Camera… He said “Mika, you have reached a whole new level…” 

LindaYFM DJ, Linda Mbuso

MuloAnother YFM DJ, Mulo and his girlfriend…

Dineo RanakaEx YFM DJ and now 94.7 Highveld DJ, Dineo Ranaka really enjoyed the party… She deserves to win the tickets to Rio… Look at her, looking like a carnival on two legs… The life of the party…

Pearl ThusiPearl Thusi was also the life of the party…

Pearl ThusiLook at her dancing and cha cha cha-ing… Lets hope she does Strictly Come Dancing Season 7… (Its my dream to do it with her… – Putting it out there). She was in the front row when her boys AKA and Da Les hit the stage…

AKA and Da LesDa Les was the headline act, but AKA stole the show with his surprise performance… I love Da Les’ sweater…

AKAI swear AKA was looking at me thinking “Mika Stefano we need to do a colab together… “Twitter Dance does the Victory Lap” remixed by DJ Z—- (Im not even gonna go there…. I promised them I wouldn’t say anything, so ZIP) 

GinaMake Up Artist to the stars, Gina.

Farrah and the girlsHow gorgeous does Farah’s hair look… These girls were fierce… Look at them, looking like a scene from Sex in the City.

Naomi Sexy model, Naomi was there. I am so proud of my nana Naomi for making the top 25 in the MTVBase VJ Search… I used to baby sit this girl and now look at her… She was there with her boyfriend, who refused to take a picture…

Capacity RelationsThe gorgeous ladies of Capacity Relations… You would swear they are hair models… Look at those locks… Enough to make Bonang jealous… (And I only mean that because of the hair and Bonang likes wearing weaves… No hidden messages…. ) Well done on another fabulous event Capacity Relations… .

To see the rest of the pictures CLICK HERE

Pictures on this post were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera


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