Carmel Fisher / Jonathan Boynton-Lee

Are they f#cking?

I spotted the oh so sexy Carmel Fisher and the oh so hunky Jonathan Boynton-Lee at the #ReddsExperience this past Saturday… The two of them were there and they left together. Now it is natural for good looking people to flock together… But could they be doing more then just flocking?

Carmel Fisher & Jonathan Boynton-Lee

They both on the same channel… SABC3… Perhaps they were doing some team building…

Carmel Fisher & Jonathan Boynton-Lee

I must admit, they look good together…

Carmel Fisher & Jonathan Boynton-LeeAnd very comfortable…

Not as comfortable as this would have been, but hey… I get the hint….

Mika Stefano and  Jonathan Boynton-Lee



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