Mac G

Mac G’s back with a banger…

Mac G 94.7Popular radio DJ Mac G has just released another club banger called It’s True… And I guess its true that nothing is going to stop this young guy from rocking the airwaves… He hosts a show daily on Johannesburg’s biggest radio station, 94.7 Highveld Stereo… Talk about legendary…

I caught up with this young jock to find out more about ITS TRUE.

Mika Stefano: Who is Kosking?
Mac G: Kosing is a very young and talented producer from the UK who ive been working with for the past year, so this single is the first of many to come from myself and him.

Mika Stefano: How did the colab happen?
Mac G: Im a big fan of Kosings work so when he came to SA we hooked started jamming together in the studio and the rest is history I guess

Mika Stefano: Is this a new sound MacG is getting into?
Mac G: Definately its a universal sound, which I’ve always liked and just so happens that its the sound thats hot right worldwide

Mika Stefano: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Mac G: More Singles and more singles but you can always tune in to my radio shows to find out what’s the latest

Mika Stefano: Any other people you plan on working with?
Mac G: At the moment myself and Kosing are busy with Garth Barnes from Crash Car Burn and there’s other local artists whom we trying to work with but nothing is confirmed so far .
If you haven’t heard the song, here it is for your listening pleasure. 🙂



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