Shashi Naidoo

No comment for these comments on Shashi Naidoo

I have no comments for these comments about Shashi Naidoo that were recently posted on my blog…

Just thought I would share them with you… In case you interested…

They were posted in reply to this post… 

Shashi and I are cool for the record. In fact I respect her for coming to the V-Entertainment dinner. I mean, I was recently meant to have a sit down with another “ victim” and he refused… So big ups to Shashi for being ‘man enough’ to sit down and do the interview. Shashi did a cool interview on my sister blog/website; Zalebs where she talks about us…

Anyways… In case you are interested…
Read the comments below…



Her response is a JOKE. She is an ambassador of a Children’s Home and Audi and her behavior is pathetic, she probably drinks and drives as well. She didn’t put on a performance for the cameras, just trying to make herself look innocent. She shows her bitchy side by commenting on Mika`s weight, so Shashi has a problem with FAT people then she needs to live in Skinny Ville or Hollywood, those are true celebrities not tarts like herself. Why is Mika been criticized for posting the video as a “celebrity and ambassador” the fans and public have a right to insight on her life, if she doesn’t want that then she must refrain from behavior like this in public and not be a hypocrite. No wonder she can’t keep a man, she is all over the place, shame man her poor ex husband, once she got “famous” from posing nude she dumped his ASS. Maybe all of us FATTIES should start taking drugs and alcohol in order to be thin and beautiful then we can pose semi nude in FHM. My goodness she is so full of herself. She is a disgrace, to think I used to be a Shashi fan. I’m disgusted now, its fine to get intoxicated we all do at times but don’t lie about it afterwards. I don’t think all our comments will make any difference in her life. Her priority is FAME and ADORATION and not anything else. Her silicone, fake hair and nails will last until the end of time though unlike her lack of integrity.


Shashi is on prescription drugs duromine to lose weight. i saw her buy it. she is so pathetic and fake …copies everything kim kardashian does. surprised she hasnt done the sex video yet. she keeps saying that she is on some low carb – absolute nonsense! she was a fat chubbgy person all along until recently – thats when she started drugging. glad her hubby left her – prolly discovered what a big slut she actually is. sitting on guys laps and making her self look like an ass!

Wow you people are so mean. Trolls! Saraah and Ghita – what have you done with your lives? Calling her a slut, have you seen her whore around? Glad her husband left her, let me guess you two are fat ugly whores who cannot land men? Its sad when you are called names hey? Such insecure, sad human beings.
If you feel this way about her, why tweet her at @SHASHINAIDOO and tell her how she upsets your bitter lives?
I really think all these bitter comments, on these blogs and Youtube, are coming from the Lee Ann Leibenberg camp under false names.
Mika you should be ashamed of yourself. Try to be a decent human, even Perez quit it. Its so 2009.


Michelle Singh, you are a daft Shashi wannabe!!!
Let me tell you I know her, she does business with someone I know. She has a problem with alcohol etc. she smokes and then tweets about the smell of cigarette smoke and cheap perfume, that’s when I deleted of twitter as I thought she was a sweet beautiful person before but she is hypocrite with a DIVA attitude.
If the public want to speak then they are allowed to that is the reason they call them celebrites, DUMMY!
Also what about her falsely advertising for Breast Plus Max when she doesn’t even use it.
Know your facts DUM ass Michelle.
Look at the video and realize the facts, drinking all parts of the day yet you are an ambassador for Cotlands.
I suppose Michelle you would like your kids posing for FHM, drinking, been vulgar, ranting and raving or maybe you do that yourself.
I am sure Ghita and Sarah don’t have to pose partially nude to get publicity.
KNOW YOUR FACTS MICHELLE “SHASHI NAIDOO” wannabe….. shame too bad you cant match the success of her. don’t worry by posting this you may get a pat on the back from Shashi herself.
If we are so horrible there are many other people who think of her this way. See below.

No hunny – I am not a wanna be. I never fancied being a model or hanging out with those cliques.
My issue with this Petra, is that people call her such horrid names. To each their own.She can drink and she can smoke, so what, Lee Ann does the same, have you seen those articles from Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay? They are both Cotlands ambassadors.
Nobody perfect, so try not to judge.Hiding behind a keyboard is easy, you can rant and rave and insult.
Also, I do believe it is called DUMB ass, if you want to insult me, lets do it correctly?
If you want to settle in person let me know? I have no qualms about meeting you, you can call me a dumb ass to my face ok.
My success, Indian female trader at a huge investment bank, yea, I definitely have not made it.
No pat from Shashi required, empowering women, is much better than berating and hating on them.


Michelle, I am glad your a successful woman….Good on you.
I am sure you don’t get much done sitting and responding to these comments.
You seem to have a HUGE problem with Lee Anne Liebenberg, since you have mentioned her name a few times.
People aren’t judging her as an individual, she is a celebrity who is also a role model.
Well it just goes to show that you can have beauty, wealth and success and still no special person to share that life with.
Congrats on backing up your fellow female, it seems that there lots of Indian woman though that disagree with you.
P.S: since you are such an expert on grammar and spelling, read your comments before posting them. Yes you are wannabe Shashi Naidoo DUMMY.