Over 3000 people declared to #DriveDry


Mika Stefano Drive Dry

For the month of July brandhouse had an enormous campaign called #DriveDry. Part of the campaign was to get as many people to sign up and declare that they will #DriveDry. Today Brandhouse announced that they reached their target of 3000 decelerations.
Brandhouse has met its target of 3 000 Drive Dry declarations ahead of Drive Dry Day, thanks to South African consumers. As a means to demonstrate its continued commitment to the promotion of responsible drinking, brandhouse announced in June that it would donate R60 000 to South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD) should the target be achieved by 01 July 2013.
“The target was 3 000 declarations and was achieved ahead of deadline. As of this morning, we have achieved 3 032 and the number will continue to increase as more South Africans take an active role in choosing to drink responsibly,” says Michael Mabasa, Corporate Relations Director for brandhouse.”
Well done to all those who took the pledge. If you haven’t yet, simply follow this link and declare to also DriveDry.

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