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Spotted at the FHM 100 sexiest event

Melinda Bam

Firstly, who’s bright idea was it to have an event on a rooftop in the middle of town in winter… It was rather unpleasant… Surely Kong, Hush, Taboo, VIP Room could have been do able… I mean I love Sky Room Live, but not in winter…

Secondly, it was FHM’s sexiest women event, yet there were almost no women. Apparently Shashi Naidoo arrived, stayed for 10 minutes and left. Apparently the door whore couldn’t spell her name… If I was Shashi, I would have also left… Im surprised I didn’t leave earlier… But I decided to wait it out until they announced my girl, Melinda Bam as the sexiest women in South Africa (…or is it the world…) I must say, the event was really boring. Now I have a better idea of what straight white men do on Friday evenings…

Anyways, Well done to my darling Melinda Bam. She is in my opinion, one of the SEXIEST people I know… And I know many people… She is smitten about her man, ex Mr South Africa, Adriaan-Bergh. They make a cute couple. She even mentioned him in her speech.

These are a few of the othermous faces I spotted at the party

AndrewCurrent Mr South Africa, Andrew. MapsThe oh so sexy Maps… I love his sweater… I need him… I mean it in my life…

AmandaThe fabulous Amanda… Sure she was freezing…

BlancaMy fave model girl, Blanca… I wish this chicita would enter Miss South Africa…

JadeneThe lovely Jadene who now works at POWER FM. LeonPR guy, Leon… MarioAnd two random hot guys who made my camera go blurry…

To see the rest of the pictures CLICK HERE


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