Royal Zulu Family / Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion gets the thumbs up from the Royal Zulu Family

Snoop With Zulu Royal family (2)Despite causing drama during his recent trip to South Africa, he also got a thumbs up from the Zulu Royal Family.

Now to be honest with you, I have no idea who organised the silly concert (on my birthday) in Johannesburg, but from what I heard, the concert in Durban, organised by MTVBase was a HUGE success..

So much so, that he even got a thumbs up and a special gift from the Zulu Royal Family.

“Speaking on behalf of the Zulu royal family of South Africa, I would like to send words of appreciation and support to the Snoop Lion team for making our meeting with him possible during his trip to Durban for MTV Africa All Stars KwaZulu-Natal: it was a great pleasure for both parties involved.” Prince Simengaye Zulu commented.

As Snoop has previously showed his love for the Zulu nation and South Africa at large, he was warmly welcomed by the Zulu Princes and Princesses (abantwana) who are the direct descendants of our great King, legend, and great great grandfather King Shaka.  “We, as the children of the nation welcome everybody – whether they are black, red, white, yellow or pink – as we are a house of togetherness.” 

HRH Prince Simengaye Zulu, Prince Mandlesizwe Zulu, Prince Lungelo Zulu, Prince Makhosezwe Zulu, Princess Nomkhosi Zulu and Prince Misuzulu were happy to honour Snoop’s visit by giving him a leopard skin and headgear called (umqhele), which he accepted wholeheartedly and which he wore on stage with our blessing. “We hope to be able to present Snoop with the complete Zulu attire/costume (imvunulo) with beads when he next returns.”


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