AKA / Boity / Janez Vermeiren / JustCurious / Maps / MiCasa / Sindy Mabe / Toya Delazy

Spotted at the Amstel SAMA After Party

Amsel SAMAI didn’t really see much of the after party as I was hosting the Fashion Round Up with Weza and Akhumzi afterwards for the Amstel Live Web Stream. (I will upload the You Tube links when they have uploaded them)

Toya DelazyToya Delazy did an outfit change in true diva style. She made sure she was comfortable as she needed to party and celebrate her wins…

AKA and MiCasaSpotted AKA and JSomething of MiCasa catching up… Lets hope a colab is planned here… Imagine how HOT that would be… I would volunteer to be in the video…

janez vermeirenWas the first time I actually met the hunky Janez Vermeiren. Tjo, this guy is hot… I almost became a wet pussy… (Because of the outfit… Sies)

MikaStefano and Just CuriousLelo and myself… One could caption this picture “Beauty and the Beast” but Lelo agrees that I looked to cute to be a beast…

Lelo BI think Lelo looked stunning… And this was taken after midnight after the long awards show… Well done to lasting so long….

BoityBoity also did an outfit change…

MapsThe hunky Maps looked happy as usual…

sindy mabeWith my girl, Sindy Mabe of ETV’s Sunrise.
Catch me on Sunrise this Monday talking about all this weekends local gossip…

To see more pictures, CLICK HERE

Samsung Mika Stefano


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