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SAMA’s Friday Evening – Industry Party with Amstel


On Friday Evening I attended the SAMA’s Industry event. It took place in the same venue that was transformed into the Amstel Official After Party.

This is the evening where all the industry folks get dressed up to celebrate the hard work of the people who are behind the scenes, or not really on your mainstream radio stations. It is also the evening Amstel celebrated the Amstel SAMA Lifetime Achievement Winners, Dr Thomas ChaukeSizwe Zako and the late Johannes Kerkorrel.

These are a few of the people I spotted at the Amstel bar after the awards having a sip of the new official beverage sponsor of the SAMA’s.

Toya DelazyThe oh so stylish and trendy Toya Delazy, who was already excited to have already won one award… (This was on Friday evening, before she walked away with another two….) She pulled me to one side and thanked me for all the support. She obviously remembers this article I wrote about her in January. (Top13 of 2013)
She was wearing items from her very own LEGiT range. I must say, I have seen some of the stuff and its very sexy. I love  how the jeans fit, in fact I bought one of her army looking shirts…lol… It looked so cool, but I knew I couldn’t wear it to the SAMA’s, in case I bump into her wearing it too…

Toya Delazy BET AwardsIts not really a clear picture, but I love her new hairstyle..

Jen SuJen Su was the lady in Red, weairing Pallu of Sandton. I kinda like the design of the red and the effect of origami.

LiraLira walked away with an award on the first night… I just love this lady… She was wearing her mother – in – law’s pants, from the 70’s… Teamed up with Sylvester Falata… Its simple yet stylish and clean… Looks like she used her Samsung washing machine to get those pants so white…

Weza, Lira, Mika StefanoWeza who was also an Amstel influencer and myself having a little groupie moment… We love Lira

WezaWeza looked sexy in animal print… She was also dressed by Sylvester Falata… You go Sylvester… Stitch away…

Penny As for Penny…. Can concierge please get her an iron to iron that dress… All the hotels have irons…

PennyPenny is going to teach me how to tie a turban. She has made looking like a Geni her trademark…

BlackByrdSAMy darlings, Blackbyrd kept things simple. I love these girls… Just wish urban radio stations will pick up on how amazing these sisters are… They received four nominations…

Sindy MabeSindy Mabe looked stylish in a green dress. Very sexy chomi…

Danny K and Elvis BlueDanny K and Elvis Blue were discussing a colab… Well, I kinda suggested it when I took this picture and Elvis thought that would be a great idea… Danny just said I am dangerous. But I think he agrees with my suggestion… Make it happen nana’s…

camagwiniCamagwini looked col in deep blue and gold… I just wish she would invest in a better lipstick or drink with a straw… Otherwise, I think she looked pretty cool…

SadeSade also looked pretty cool, rocking red skinnies and a lego neacklace in the shape of a piano.

Lego NecklaceI need this in my life…

So thats what went down at the Industry event of the SAMA’s…
To see more pictures of the Friday evening (CLICK HERE)

Samsung Mika Stefano


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