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Reply to Munya Vomo’s article about me being on 10 Over 10

So I was a bit taken back by a recent article about me in the Tonight section of The Star. To read the full article, CLICK HERE .

Basically Munya goes on to say he thinks I am a bad choice to be a commentator on 10 OVER 10…  The line that really grated me was this —> “…his clout is self- imposed and having a lot of followers on Twitter does not make one an authority on the famous.”

Well, this is my reply to Munya…


Hello Munya, 

I hardly ever do this, but I was taken back by your article. 
According to you, my clout is self imposed? Perhaps… You then said I have no right to say or comment on the famous. Let me ask you, what do you mean by famous? Perhaps we have two different definitions? You also said just because I party with them, I have no authority to talk about them… #Sigh, well let me educate you on why 10 over 10 picked me to be a commentator… 
I started my blog almost seven years ago, when there were no South African’s blogging. My blog became the first 100% South African local entertainment blog. (Pushing local content is something I am very passionate about – hence I still blog. If you surf the net later today, look at all the other blogs and do a comparison of local vs international content between sites… Anyways. 
Bonang (you may have heard of her, if you think she is famous?) said recently at the V-Entertainment dinner, that Mika Stefano is a “game changer” – the first blogger to keep local content and inspire a generation of bloggers. This is true, when I go through my inbox and read and reply to the many requests on HOW TO START A BLOG. 
Mika Stefano became a brand, officially. Mika Stefano is a cc. This may seem strange to you, but ask another famous person, like Thebe Ikalafeng about personal branding. He will tell you how important it is to treat yourself like a brand. And this is why I am replying to you, because obviously you are not fully aware of brand Mika Stefano. A brand that media students at university’s study. (I was just as shocked, when I found out, but it is true…)

So back to my history. I started my blog seven years ago on Facebook, blogging about random people… Then they were random, but now they are famous (well, depending on your definition of famous)  
Using the hype from the blog, it evolved into various areas of the entertainment industry; radio, TV, magazines etc.
I had people logging on from all across the globe. (Most of my readers are from outside South Africa – funny side note, when I was in Brazil recently, I had 4 people stop me in the street and ask if I am Mika Stefano – but I guess that doesn’t mean anything….) 
Slowly Mika Stefano became a brand. He became the person who knew the latest local gossip and entertainment news. He would often be invited onto various TV shows and radio shows. Commenting on everything from the top 10 Kwaito artists on MTVBase to social matters on ETV’s Sunrise Breakfast. 
Naturally, due to the nature of the business, Mika Stefano was seen out and about at almost every event, fast becoming a social butterfly and always ready to leave a mark on the red carpet. In addition, he hosted several of his own events, charity drives and his much loved annual birthday celebration. None of his birthday celebrations were held in traditional venues, meaning the 1400 people who were attending, were simply attending because they wanted to celebrate Mika Stefano’s birthday, not because it was another night at HUSH or TABOO, but having a crowd pull of over 1000 people means nothing I guess… At these iconic birthday celebrations Mika Stefano would have the likes of AKA (3 time SAMA winner), LeAnne (2 time SAMA winner), with top DJ’s like Milkshake, Lulo Cafe, Speedsta, Warras, Twins On Decks, MsCosmo and Capital playing. Having such good bonds with these “un famous” people means nothing I suppose in your opinion… Not mentioning the brands like Samsung, Converse, Brutal Fruit, Amstel, Veet, PlayEnergyDrinks and Wakaberry behind Mika Stefano.
Not only did Mika Stefano use his voice to comment on peoples outfits, but he also used it for good and for change. Mika Stefano spearheaded the local campaigns NOH8 and Spirit Day. Both having over 100 celeb friends take part. The likes of Khanyi Mbau, Slikour, L-Tido, AKA, Lulo Cafe, Lerato – both Lerato’s, Lalla, Dineo, SK, Gert Johan, Koyo, Amstel, Roxy Burger, Sade, Bujy, Warras and the late Reeva Steenkamp.) He was also named the ambassador of Dance4Life South Africa and the Gay South African flag standing together against corrective rape. His new campaign, PUSH PURPLE has been picked up by the Department of Basic Education to be included in all distribution nationwide. 
He has been listed as one of the top South African’s to take to lunch, according to reputable newspaper, Mail & Guardian. He has also been listed as one of the top 5 bloggers in South Africa.
When he is not being the fabulous brand Mika Stefano he works at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton as the publicist and marketing manager. At the theatre I have worked with theatre greats, like Pieter Dirk Uys, Marc Lottering, James Ngcobo, Paul Slab, Judy Page, Jerry Mofokeng and Dame Judy Page to name a few… (I guess working with people like this, means I have no authority to comment on them….?) 
When I am not at the theatre, I am station manager of the first digital internet radio in Africa, Trans Africa Radio, established 12 years ago. Managing over 60 different DJ’s. The likes of DJ Zinhle, Psyfo, SK, Eda Rose, Capital, Twins On Decks and Young Raph.
When I am not on Trans Africa Radio, you can catch me on Metro FM, every Saturday at 14:40 on Carol Ralefeta’s show, doing my weekly round up. (The only blogger who is on nationwide radio, weekly) 
You can also catch me on TV at least once a week, be it on SABC1’s most viewed TV show, RGB, or Vuzu TV, or ETV’s Sunrise… 
So after reading all of the above, I ask you to please re read this line in your article…. 

“…his clout is self- imposed and having a lot of followers on Twitter does not make one an authority on the famous.”

I beg to differ, in fact, I feel if there is anyone who should be a commentator on a show like Vuzu’s 10 Over 10, it should be me… 
In the game for 7 years, AKA performed at my third birthday when he only had one single. Attended MiCasa’s first listening session. Partied with Da Les before he started singing. Worked in a CD store with Lulo Cafe, before he got signed. Gave MsCosmo her first big radio show, before she moved to YFM and now 5FM… 
So once again, I beg to differ with you.. I suppose it is your opinion, but obviously you don’t have an internet connection to Google Who Mika Stefano Is? So I thought it’s only right I inform you… I hope that made for some interesting reading… And I hope you enjoy Season 2 of 10 Over 10, because either way, I will be on your telly for another 2 months…   
Anyways, I have gone on for too long… I look forward to seeing you out and about in the near future… Perhaps I can give you a few tips on how to become a better brand… Then maybe you will be invited onto the panel for Season 3 of 10 Over 10… Then again I doubt that. They will need a strong enough air conditioning system to block out the stick that lingers around you… 

 Mika Stefano 10 Over 10


5 thoughts on “Reply to Munya Vomo’s article about me being on 10 Over 10

  1. Tell him Mika! I loooooove you xxxx. Esp on 10 over 10 thts where I first saw u then google. Ur article did u more justice than google kikiki

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  3. I am the one you looking for. I’ll make the best presenter for 10 over 10…try me. My name is Eva Mabapa.

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