Well done Da Les on winning the Tropika milli…

I feel rather connected to this season of Tropika Island of Treasure… I knew who all the celebs contestants were, before they were announced and I was there from the first launch to the official launch… And now that it is over, it is only right that I close with announcing the winner (in case you missed it)

Hip hop artist and all round cool guy, Da LES walked away with the million rand on the much loved local reality show, Tropika Island of Treasure 5.

Da LES - TropikaWell done Leslie… I hoe you spend the money wisely…

“I am grateful for winning and would have been happy if anybody else had won,” says Les humbly but excitedly. “The show brings people together and towards the end I really felt anyone of us deserved to win,” he explains. “My main objective was to have as much fun in Jamaica as possible. I guess lady luck was on my side; I didn’t win any challenges other than the one that counted the most.”

The hip-hop pioneer’s first plan to spend the winnings is to continue investing in L.E.S and making more music.

“It was an unbelievable experience to be part of the show. I wouldn’t change anything- it was the best location with the best people.”

“It has been another amazing season of Tropika Island of Treasure,” says Stimulii CEO and executive producer of the show, Samantha Moon. “Season 5 has taken us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions- from anxiety and tears to excitement and laughing until our sides hurt. Les was a great player who kept us thoroughly entertained throughout the season. He is a deserving winner of the R 1 million prize,” she concludes.



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