5meninos / Donald / Koyo / Lerato Kganyago / Mika Stefano

Spotted at the launch of The Link

5meninosThis past weekend I went ALL the way to Pretoria to join my friend, Lerato in celebrating the launch of THE LINK. It was hosted at Moloko in Pretoria. It was the first time I had been to Moloko in Pretoria and I was surprised at hos much it looked like the old Moloko in Johannesburg. I had fun with the gays and the meninos…

These are a few of the people I spotted at the launch

lerato kganyago and sinazoThe hosts of The Link, Lerato and Sinazo. Can we just talk about Sinazo Yolwa’s body. She has the sexiest body I have seen. Big boobs and a curvaceous ass. It was sad that her dress was the same as the waiters. Kept on mistaking her.

LeratoLerato Kganyago looked all glitzy in gold hot pants and matching gold eye shadow.

The LinkHere Lerato is with the two ladies who work on The Link, Terri and Kathleen.

Donald in DenialDonald also came through to show some love, although he didnt stay too long…

Koyo and DonaldI think Koyo scared him off…

Koyo BalaHere Koyo Bala is trying to scare one of the meninos off… But take your eyes off Koyo and Cedric and look at the guy with the erection in the background. This guy was making out with this girl in the club. SMH. Only in Pretoria…

To see other pictures from the Link Launch CLICK HERE




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