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Metro FM reveal their new show line up…

Metro FM just revealed their new show line up.

Some exciting changes, like Phat Joe. 

Here is the official press release

Our revised line-up kicks off on Monday the 1st April 2013!  The line-up presents a few changes and much needed rotation of talent within.  Renowned broadcaster,  Phat Joe joins the station on Saturday mornings and replaces Carol Ralefeta’s Divine Edge show.  Carol then moves to the midday slot, and the duo, Minnie & Adil will now assume responsibility for the slot previously done by Ismail. Eddie Zondi will forego his midweek show The Obsession, but keeps his Sunday show the Romantic Repertoire. Ismail Abrahams replaces Eddie Zondi on weekdays.  Sakina Kamwendo features Kgopedi wa Namane on one of her show’s during the week.

William and Marian keep their Saturday evening slot with the Pyjama Party, but will have new shows on Sunday morning respectively.  DJ Mlu has a new slot on Sunday evening straight after Eddie Zondi and Nothemba Madumo’s jazz slot moves to 8pm on Sunday evenings.  Thereafter Carol Ralefeta takes the airwaves to midnight. 

“METRO FM remains a leading urban commercial radio through innovative programming and quality sounds (music). Our strategy is that “don’t fix it when it’s not broken” however it is important to refresh, strengthen and rotate talent to ensure we receive maximum output. We are gradually phasing our strategy by introducing personalities that will help us deliver more on our mandate. It is important to mention we are strengthening our on-air output by emphasizing more on content production, establish strong technical production identity to improve our offering”, says Station Manager, Martin Vilakazi.


20 thoughts on “Metro FM reveal their new show line up…

  1. whoop whoop! so glad the Big JoJo is back…and the funny thang is that his new spot was done by his younger bro back in the day, Mr L! They are just as crazy…..oh my…who was it that said Phat Joe won’t work at the SABC again????

  2. Awuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Phat Joe it’s about bloody time and Kgopedi my love I can’t wait.The best news ever and I’m still waiting 4 Mpho Maboi I believe that one day she’ll be a part of Metro

  3. Saturdays and Sundays’ shows needed some working on, I am glad they realized it. Maybe I will start to listen to Metro on Saturdays. I am happy they don’t mess up the weekdays’ slots.

  4. Job well done Metro FM management on bringing back Phat Joe and dropping Eddie Zondi from the daily line up! Hopefully Phat Joe will be prepared to take over the daily breakfast show when Glen Lewis finally retires! Overall I’m satisfied with the refreshed line up and keep on rocking the airwaves.

  5. Ismail replacing Eddie Zondi? That’s the worst move ever! Ismail bores me to death. They should have at least gave that slot to Sentle

  6. Oh my girl is on mid day slot. Not happy witg Ismael by replacing The president. But overall, Its realy good shaffle.

  7. SUCKS SUCKS!.whats up with this Shit line-up?.we’re used 2 hearing sweet and romantic sounds late at night,now you bring this fucked up show even worse hosted by this egotistical ishmeal abrahams.count my rate out cause from nine to twelve in the evening im definitely jumping ship.guys do something with that slot thats more constructive.or if your out of ideas,rather get different dj’z everynight to give us what we love and thats love songs.I mean we’re approaching winter,we dnt wana here this kak show.nxa sies!.the programs manager of that station should be his president,he doesn’t really know what his doing.that show is f**** up!.NXA SIES MAAN’.

  8. wat a dumb move replacing the president with that egocentric boring Ismael we will see time will tel. Ismael is not metrofm material standard.

  9. Eddie itz janie I heard Luther vandross there b4 Kem bt why would u stay can u tell me the name of song again played by Luther,dat was after 4pm sunday 28/04/2013 n truely speaking Eddie U rock,keep up ur very best,excellent work

  10. I know they say change is pain but let’s give new guys some space to prove themselves,maybe it’s too early to judge them cause we are simply used to the old ways of doing things. Management has taken sum bold decisions so let’s wait and see…..

  11. AHHH but TSI Amon Mokoena n Mr Thato were doing a gr8 job,is Amon still gonna be doing 12-15pm thougH?

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