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First look at MiCasa’s music video – #AllTheGlory

Mi Casa All The GloryThis Friday (just in time for Easter) South African house band will be releasing their 5th video, All The Glory. One would expect a typical Church scene for this House/Gospel track, but MiCasa turned things around and took the video to the streets… Not These Streets, but you know what I mean…

Mi Casa All The Glory

Th video is simple, all the Mi Casa members are on a GLORY BUS and they travel down the streets picking up various religious people.

Mi Casa All The Glory Dr Duda welcome the first lady onto the bus, who happens to be a catholic lady. One would think it would all be set in a church but they really wanted to include all religious beliefs…

Mi Casa All The Glory

“The song, All the Glory never once relates to a Jesus, it just relates to a God. The purpose of the music video was to show that we are all together and need to respect each others beliefs, and at the end of the day we are all worshipping a God of some form. This is why the Glory bus held all these different people from different backgrounds. What was amazing to see was the vibe it created inside the bus, people were all explaining their religious beliefs and everyone was so respectful to one another,” says J’Something.

Mi Casa All The Glory The music video drops on Trace TV this Friday.

Mi Casa All The Glory Funny story. When they were shooting the video, they forgot the tricky part of having various religious people on set and forgot to do various types of catering… So they had to run around Johannesburg on a Sunday trying to find a kosher deli. And the rabbi (above) was hungry…lol… But thanks to the Pick n Pay at KillarnyMall, he was fed. 🙂

Rowan CloeteAnother interesting fact. The video was edited by actor and ex SABC1 presenter, Rowan Cloete. (Side note, when did Rowan get this hot… Lawd… He has #AllTheGlory.)

These are some of the other faces who are in the ALL THE GLORY video..

Cant wait…

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