DJ Capital / DJ Speedsta / Loyiso Gola / Ms Cosmo

Spotted at DJ Capital’s Birthday

DJ Capital Last Friday popular hip hop DJ, DJ Capital celebrated his birthday at the new club in Sandton called SWAY. It was my first time at this new club, since it had been redone by its current owners, and I must say, they have transformed it into a new little ICON.

These are some of the faces I spotted. I must admit, the venue is tiny and got full quick.

DJ SpeedstaCapital’s good friend, DJ Speedsta was rocking his new hairstyle…

RepsThe guy with the fringe, from the Reps.

repsThe hunky TJ from the Reps.

Ms CosmoFemale Hip Hop DJ, Ms Cosmo was on the decks and kept us dancing for a good chunk of the evening.

Loyiso GolaLoyiso and a fan…

I also spotted 5FM’s Poppy and DJ Franky.
To see the rest of the pictures, CLICK HERE 



4 thoughts on “Spotted at DJ Capital’s Birthday

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