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Spotted at Bujy’s Big Day

BujyLast Saturday ex YFM co host, Bujy celebrated his big birthday in Johannesburg. The theme was “see through” and boy did the birthday boy make sure his outfit was see through… Only our dear Bujy could pull this outfit off.. The party took place at a dodgy little club turned whole in the wall next to Carfax. Funny, I hosted my birthday party here four years ago when it used to be an actual club called TOWN HALL. Anyways, the party was luke warm I guess. All of Jozi’s gays were there… But we were all left standing as there was no place for us to sit. I had a good time for the short time I was there. It was a bit diva’ish to see Bujy perform the whole of Beyonce’s Live at the Superbowl concert with dancers… It was sad to see dance crew Vintage Cru throwing shade at the young photocopied Vintage Cru. Can’t we just get along? There were some unknown DJ’s on the decks, but I was glad to see DJ Olwee on the turntables and he even played some old school Thembi Seete…

These were some of the interesting people I spotted at Bujys party.

Creatures of the nightSome creatures of the night…

Okay, here are some actual people I spotted…

KoyoSocial butterfly (who doesnt drink) Koyo

AmstelHis partner in crime, Amstel

OlweeYFM Dj with Club DJ, Olwee

Vuyo VaroiMake Up artist, VuyoBonang's handbagBonang’s handbag, Souljock… Looking rather trendy…

BujyBujy with singer and actress Tshepi

Vintage CrewVintage Crew thug turned diva…

Vintage CruAnd Diva turned thug…

Mika Stefano Bujy and KoyoOver all, it was a fun night out…

Next time, please can we have seating arrangements….

To see more pictures CLICK HERE


2 thoughts on “Spotted at Bujy’s Big Day

  1. Bujy needs to get that face trimmed, he looks like a retard/disfigured on that first pic. Maybe its time he went back to that show that made him famous – Drop a size or whatever it was called!

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