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Spotted at the Metro FM Awards

This past Saturday were the prestigious Metro FM Awards, held in the sizzling city of Durban. I haven’t partied in Durban but after this past mad weekend, I understand why they say #DurbanRocks. This year the awards were live on SABC1, so everyone could tune into the crazyness that was Dr Malinga as well as witness who walked away with an award or two. The theme of the evening was either black or traditional wear… Some people got it right, but a few got it wrong…

Mika Stefano Reeva Steenkamp

I decided to wear something a little different to my normal silly self, and chose to wear a simple black outfit, with a picture of the late Reeva Steenkamp. Why? Well, it was a tribute to this fallen angel. I wanted to celebrate her life and who she was and I think that was why I chose to wear this. But truth be told, it was a hectic choice. I mean, I have walked down many red carpets, but this was the first, I felt really nervous and under a great deal of pressure. I felt like I needed to behave and respect her and this meant I couldn’t really jump and down like a clown. Would I wear it again? YES! It was an honour wearing it and sharing her beauty with all those who attended the awards. ❤

DonaldInDenialA big winner at the awards was Donald. He was nominated for two six awards and walked away with two awards. Not bad for his first Metro FM Awards. Now to be honest, I was a bit upset that he didnt perform, but after his acceptance speech, he kinda did give a mini performance… Wouldn’t be surprised if he lands himself a role on Generations. He was dressed and styled by Paledi and he won the award for best styled artist.

PalediFashion designer, Paledi who dresses Donald as well as a few other male artists like ProVerb, Slikour and SK. Paledi walked up onto stage with Donald when he won. Surprised he didnt have anything to say.

NandiNandi was also nominated in the same category. This girl has a great sense of style. She looked effortlessly put together the day before as we drove down to Durban in a simple pair of jeans and heels.

NandiI loved the turban.

CamagwiniCamagwini was also nominated for most stylish musician. Thank god she didnt win…

CamagwiniNo seriously, thank god she didn’t win… Im all about being different and creative, but this is just to creative for me. She rocked the look tho.

Lloyd CeleLloyd darling. Well done for being so brave. It takes a lot to wear Joseph’s Techni Colour Dream Coat. Perhaps, now with his new body, he will become the face of Carducci (that’s who he is wearing) Altho, he still looks like the face of Milky Lane. Move over Elvis Blue, we have Lloyd “Watalotigot” Cele on the menu.

3sumTalking about rainbows… Koyo, Amstel and DJ Olwee all wore black… Could they be the new 3sum? Besides looking like a male photocopy of Destiny’s Child, they sure did get the after party started. Breaking out into more dance moves then Somizi could ever plan for any closing ceremony.

AmstelAmstel, without his giant keyring… You can tell he wasn’t in Joburg.

AmstelYa ne… No comment. Talk about giving yourself some head… Amstel, you suck…lol…

Koyo and Loot LoveKoyo and Loot Love kept to the dress code of black. I must say (and let this be recorded) Loot Love is fast becoming a new trendy style icon. I loved her dress. It was different yet it was simple and showed off her towering personality. To breakfast the day after, she looked simply stylish, while the rest of us tried to wipe the hangover out of our eyes. I hope she keeps her unique edgy style that she has developed, it works for her. SA Style Awards, take notes…

@LootLoveIf I was her, I would have invested in a make up artist. Not saying her make up is bad, but just imagine with some lashes, some thick eyeliner and higher cheeks, she would have walked away with the BEST DRESSED lady of the evening. But she still looks great.

MinnieMinnie’s make up looked great. But the hat she was wearing? And the costumes… #ThrowsHandsUpInTheAir

MinnieReally lovely girl, but can she get a stylist? Or just approve the outfits they bring her. I am yet to see her in something nice… Then again, I am no fashion fundi, but still… Im waiting Minz.

Short PeopleFollowing Loot Love and Koyo, were a few short people. Nomuzi and Miza. You can see they didn’t read the invite… Altho, I liked the blue.

BoityAnother short person, Boity. I liked this dress on her, altho I feel it made her look a bit big. This lady has the sexiest little body in the business (Just ask the Sowetan Newspaper) I liked how she teamed up the red lips with the red clutch and the ruby red heels.

BoityHer make up was fabulous. R800 for make up in Lerato’s room. (Just watch Headline to see the making of the above)

Boity and Phat JoeBoity and Phat Joe trying to create a sex tape… Well almost.

Khanyi MbauTalking about sex tapes… Khanyi Mbau looked all regal and diva like. Apparently when she got off the shuttle, people didnt even scream for her. You could hear crickets. (People even screamed for me… #JustSaying) Perhaps they didn’t recognise her. She does look different. Dont wanna talk about it tho.

Khanyi MbauKhanyi must have had a busy weekend, hosting an event at hush on Friday night then flying down to Metro’s on Saturday. Glad to see this social butterfly is still busting as if it was 2008.

Iko MashAnother busting drag queen, Iko Mash stuck to the dress code and wore black.

Zwai and Mel BalaZwai and Mel Bala. Mel looked nice. I dunno about the wig, but the lace dress and neck piece worked. The belt was apparently trending at the awards and a few people were spotted wearing the same belt.

ThandoThe event was such a highlight on the social scene, it even had YFM DJ’s shleping to Durbs to have some fun. Altho, apparently Thando Thabethe was invited with SABC1.

Pearl and MoAs for Pearl, apparently she was invited because she is Pearl. Halala Pearl. I wish I got a shot of her main event dress. This hunni looked sexy. WOWZA.

Boom ShakaAnother sexy mama was the amazing Thembi Seete. She also decided on white with black touches. She looked stunning in a Gert Johan Coetzee dress… And Thembi’s hair was looking gorgeous too… Here she is with Theo of Boom Shaka. Word has it they are reuniting… I am excited about that. #ItsAboutTime. Obviously Theo didn’t read the invite.

Carol RalefetaAnother dress code ignorer was my chomi Carol Ralefeta. Even though she didnt wear black or traditional, she looked stunning. Dressed by young Johannesburg based designer, Vohni Couture, he always seems to dress her right. She looked electrifying in a florescent green dress that did some serious damage under the UV Lights.

ZizoZizo wore brown and white… Not really black and it didnt really suit her. I mean, I am sure we have seen this dress before on one of the Jamali girls? (It must be a Gert Johan dress. Ladies, when wearing a Gert Johan Dress, please ask him HOW MANY OTHER CELEBS HAVE WORN THIS DRESS) Despite the dress fail, I really admire Zizo. If there is anyone in the entertainment industry who is focused and works damn hard, its her. She know’s when its time to play and she knows when she needs to work. #MuchRespect to her.

AkhumziAnother hard worker, Akhumzi, also decided to miss the dress code brief and wore Orange, looking like the missing TellyTubby.

Toya DelazyToya Delazy obviously doesnt do dress codes… I must say, her make up looks great and even though she still hasn’t won any awards, I still love her. She joined the gay’s when they opened the dance floor, and I swear I even saw her busting some pantsula moves. I like this girl, coz she is fresh. I swear, if she keeps on pushing, she could become South Africa’s new big star. And honestly girl, you don’t need an award. How long did it take for DJ Cleo to win an award? And Boom Shaka don’t even have a SAMA. She must just keep PUMPING ON and she will be huger then huge… And colabs. You have created your identity girl, imagine a colab with Camp Mulla or Tiwa Savage.

Khaya MthethwaPerforming before Toya was idols winner, Khaya Mthethwa who also walked away with the award of best newcomer beating Toya and Donald. I must say, I really like his song “Move” and he sure is making all the right moves. Choir master, winning awards who knows what else is in store for this guy. I must say, I got a tad groupie ish when I met him this past weekend for the first time…lol…

Simphiwe DanaI also met song bird and twitterholic, Simphiwe Dana for the first time. It was awesome meeting her and seeing how down to earth she is. Shame, her iphone has more cracks on it, then Helen had on her face 2 years ago. But Simphiwe told me, until her phone brakes, she refuses to replace. I then introduced her to cell phone covers…

Nolly MejeI dont think Nolly likes my blog… Never allowing me to take a picture… Perhaps she thinks its a video and I will make her a Youtube star, like I did with Shashi…

Ismail AbrahamsIsmail Abrahams and his gorgeous wife.

Lebogang MothibeShugasmakx was also there as he was nominated for hip hop album of the year. Sadly he lost to Khuli Chana. He also lost to the fashion police…

Linda Moeketsi Another couple the Fashion Jury will be un happy with. Linda Moeketsi not so much. In fact, I love his jacket. But this lady with the tramp stamp tattoo… She had more spikey things then Gert Johan’s 2010 winter collection, in her one outfit. Her red bottomed shoes even had spikes on them…

AzaniaAzania looked stunning. She had a few dresses on the evening and each of them looked stunning. Someone was sitting in my seat behind Donald, so I moved, to where you may have seen me… Next thing, I get more airtime then half the nominees… Bam City!!! Who’s the shit now…

Happy NgidiMetro FM marketing and publicity manager Happy Ngidi looked stunning. Loved the gold finishes.

Anga MakubaloThe hunky Anga Makubalo kept it casual at the after party. He is such a friendly guy. I like friendly, well built men… I really do…

Mpho Popps ModikoaneAnother hunky man who is very funny, Mpho Popps Modikoane was filling in for the injured Trevor for Headline. I think he would make a great addition to Headline. He is funny, but not rude and crude. He is also easy on the eye… And he evn had a bite of my cucumber… (Watch Headline, you may just see our hotel room scandal)

DJ NavesDJ Naves showing us his pearly whites…

BoboThembi Seete’s husband to be and musician, Bobo. This guy has a sexy body… I have seen him topless at gym and I did a double take… In fact, I may have gone back for a third look… Thembi did well…

Msizi World and Aarorn MoloisiNew artist on the block, Msizi World with his manager Aarorn Moloisi. Yes, Aaron has now ventured into artist management. I dont blame him, look at the artist.

c-gaMale Social Butterfly, C-Ga was also there… When are we hearing new music C-Ga?

KabomoI was upset to see Kabomo leave empty handed. Heard so much good stuff about his album. Lets see what happens at the SAMA’s.

Celeste KumaloMiss SA Teen, Celeste was there. Without the sash, even tho technically she is still and will always be Miss SA Teen as she hasn’t handed her crown over…

Magazine GirlsThe Magazine Girls were also there looking all glamed out!

MaBlerh SalvatoreFellow blogger and social commentator, MaBlerh. All I can say is Sies. (His song.. Thats all I can say in it. Its in hardcore Zulu.)

EphymolFashion designer and presenter, Ephymol broke all the rules, wearing red… Then again, this was at the afterpary… I guess rules are there to be broken.

Over all, it was an entertaining, fun weekend. I can not wait to party in Durban again. Durban rocks for sure…

Well done to Metro FM on the first broadcast and the 12th Metro FM Awards. The performances were great, the venue was great and overall it was great… Can only get bigger from here…

To see more pictures, click here


7 thoughts on “Spotted at the Metro FM Awards

  1. I’ll take my time & Play fashion police:
    >Noluthando & Zizo look like they went to the plaza & got those R35 dresses, or by the shops in Noord Street Taxi rank
    >Nandi looked like a sexualy frustrated Mermaid
    >Camagwini “Thank God! she did’nt win” indeed she freaks me out with her fashion sense, there’s a Zombie theme going with that girl
    >Iko’s look, looks rather cheap!
    >Khany Mbau was going for the Nicki Minaj look but somethin went wrong & she looked like those Ostrich’s in the Karoo!

    Winners were.. Azania & Loot Love, Happy Ngidi & Mrs Ismail Abrahams:-)

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