Reeva Steenkamp / RIP

Farewell dear Reeva Steenkamp. #Gone2Soon

Reeva Steenkamp

This morning I woke to such sad news. By now we have all heard of the passing of South African model and soon to be reality star, Reeva Steenkamp. Not only was this dear lady a social friend, she was someone I truly liked and considered a friend. Less than a week ago we were with each other and she was her usual self.

Bubbly, beautiful and happy.

I listed Reeva Steenkamp as one of my top 13 people to look out for in 2013, with a bright future on her horizon and the world at her fingers.
We met 3 years ago, when we were both judging the Taboo sexiest calendar. Funny, Shashi Naidoo was also a judge… And we hit it off and have been friendly ever since.
Reeva SteenkampShe was involved in the recent Spirit Day Campaign

Reeva Steenkamp at SABTas well as an outreach programme we did with the South African Ballet Theatre Company.

Always willing to get involved and get her hands dirty. She had that star quality and within a short space of time she fast became South Africa’s sweetheart.

I recently interviewed her for just to get to know her a bit better. The article was scheduled to go out in mid March, during the Tropika Island of Treasure show. But with all the recent events, I feel like I need to share with you what an amazing person she was. This interview was done two weeks ago.

Funny, I asked her about her relationship with Oscar Pistorius and she ignored the question… We were both tweeted a while back by some hater and she sent me a message just telling me to ignore it. It seemed as if she was truly in love with Oscar Pistorius (Oz as she called him) and would do anything for him. She mentioned her hater again and I brushed it off and told her she should have no time for the haters. (Hope whoever was hating on her is reading this now).

Reeva SteenkampSad I tell you…

Here is the short interview with the dear Reeva Steenkamp

MikaStefano: You are one of the celeb contestants on SABC1’s Tropika Island of Treasure, what can we expect from you in this well-known reality TV show?
ReevaSteenkamp: Definitely no fighting. I somehow assumed the role of mom on the show. Perhaps because I’m the eldest.
MikaStefano: And Jamaica?
ReevaSteenKamp: I loved Jamaica!!! It was the BEST holiday ever 🙂

Reeva Steenkamp
MikaStefano: You are not just a pretty face, you were also recently apart of the Spirit Day South Africa campaign. Why did you get involved and why was this important to you?
ReevaSteenkamp: This is SO important to me because so many of my friends are either gay or bisexual and live a secret life pretending to be straight in fear of public persecution. It makes me very sad but the reality is that often at times people don’t find support when they come out. I want to create awareness around this topic and help make it safer and easier for everyone to speak out about their sexuality.

Boity, Zuraida, Poppy, Mika and Reeva
MikaStefano: What makes Reeva sexy?
ReevaSteenkamp: I think my confidence makes me sexy! Even if I’m not 100% happy with my body on a day, I throw on a great outfit and rock a big smile!

Reeva Steenkamp
MikaStefano: If you had to help your girlfriend feel sexy for a night out on the town, what would be the top 5 things you would suggest she does?
ReevaSteenkamp: Have a glass of champagne! Get a good blow dry at the salon. Pamper herself with a fab face mask. Pop on a pair of sexy heels. And drink some more champagne!

Reeva Steenkamp

MikaStefano: How do you stay in shape? I have been trying to shed a few pounds… Girl, what is your secret? Please share, I won’t tell a soul….lol…
ReevaSteenkamp: I’m sure you won’t Mika… lol… I try to eat clean 80% of the time. That’s 3/4 of the work done! Then loads of cardio and resistance training.

Reeva Steenkamp
MikaStefano: So no chocolate? Dammit!! What is your one naughty treat that you can’t live without?
ReevaSteenkamp: Peanut butter! Sugar free. Nonetheless it’s my favourite. Yum!

Jay Anstey and Reeva Steenkamp
MikaStefano: Reeva, what can we expect from you this year?
ReevaSteenkamp: Tropika Island of Treasure 5 airs in February! That should be exciting. I have some other projects coming up so watch this space 😉

Reeva Steenkamp

Samantha Moon of Stimulii, the producers of Tropika Island of Treasure, sent out this statement earlier today.

“We are absolutely devastated at the tragic loss of Reeva Steenkamp, our friend and beloved member of the Tropika Island of Treasure 5 family. Reeva was a wonderful human being and an extremely talented and intelligent woman. Her kind and loving spirit was evident to all who knew her and her zest for life will be truly missed.
We are blessed and privileged to have known her. Words cannot express how saddened we are by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Reeva’s family and friends.”

Apparently Tropika Island of Treasure will still be screened on SABC1.

I am happy, because after watching the first episode just last week, one could tell what an amazing person Reeva Steenkamp was. And that is how she should be remembered.

I would just like to share my condolences with her friends and her family. She was an angel amongst us and we were the lucky ones to even get the chance to meet her. Her spirit will live on and she will always be in my thoughts. Rest In Peace Reeva Steenkamp. You will be missed… 😦


8 thoughts on “Farewell dear Reeva Steenkamp. #Gone2Soon

  1. amazing talent taken from us too soon. very inspiring persinality. @Mika u did a amazing thing sharing this with us. bless ur soul.

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