Dimples / Donald / Iko Mash / MTV Base / Thapelo / ViGi

Spotted at the MTV Base Hunter’s Oasis Tour

DonaldMetro FM nominee, Donald was the main act for the afternoon. He got the whole club singing along.

DJ Dimples and Vigi

2/3’s of MVD, Vigi and Dimples also showed face. But Dimples, its summer… Weren’t you hot in that tracksuit…

Thapelo Raiko EricThe sexy (married) Thapelo with Raiko and Eric. Thapelo will be emceeing the MTVBase, Hunter’s Oasis party this Sunday in Durban…

AssFor a second I thought it was the Fly Chix(Don’t even get me started on that foolywangery) 

Iko MashTalking about Fly Chix, Iko Mash also came to see Donald perform… Looks like she was supporting Nigeria.

To win tickets to the Hunter’s Oasis MTV Base tour, simply “LIKE” the Mika Stefano page of Facebook (here) and you too could win… (Only for people who stay in Durban. Don’t expect me, MTV or Hunters to fly your ass down to Durban) 


One thought on “Spotted at the MTV Base Hunter’s Oasis Tour

  1. What are those girls wearing?eeew too much booty!thapelo is sexy as always..so is eric!thanx for the pics mikmik..u nevr dissapoint!

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