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Spotted at the Dbanj party at Taboo, Sandton…

DbanjFirst of all, I wasn’t really invited to this event, so wasn’t really planning a review…

I have always loved the ‘koko master‘, so I couldn’t miss the chance of seeing him perform. He has fast become one of Africa’s leading artists. Why? Well he may say “coz he’s so endowed.” Dbanj is a real rock star. When he walked in, he had a whole bunch of security protecting him. But this did not stop his female (and even male) fans trying to touch him. Ladies were screaming, dancing and even fainting.

Dbanj South AfricaFor a moment I thought I wouldn’t even get a picture of him. 😦 But when walking past, he stopped to say hi and take a picture. He obviously knows MikaStefano.com. (Dusts glitter off my shoulder…) 

He had the whole club going crazy during his performance. He even danced on the bar and left the stage empty. He was out in SA for the closing performance of the AFCON.

SK and DonaldSK was the emcee for the evening and he did an amazing job. Here he is chilling with Metro FM nominee, Donald. Both are real gym bunnies… In fact Donald and I go to the same gym. (Yes Shashi, I go to gym…)

SK Mika Stefano and DonaldA young flex in the club…

blayzeHip hop artist, Blayze was also there. It was just a bunch of sexiness in Taboo. If you wanna see flexing, go have a look at Blayze’s Twitter pic…


Thembi SeeteTalking about sexy, you don’t get sexier than Thembi Seete. I was surprised to see her out in the club. She hardly goes out. I asked her why she’s out and she told me she too is a Dbanj fan. Imagine Thembi and Dbanj on a track together… I would die…

AkaAKA was the opening act and he killed his performance. Had the whole club running that Victory Lap. AKA needs to perform as a main act in Nigeria, with Dbanj opening for him. Sure he would kill it.

Chris Nkosi and HoodHighFashionChris Nkosi was also there. Here he is with Solly Moeng, head of Vuzu and Channel O.

To see the rest of the pictures Click Here


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