Lira / Samsung

Lira named the Samsung Africa Ambassador


Earlier today (5th February) Song bird, Lira was officially named the African ambassador of Samsung Electronics.

Lira had been an ambassador for Samsung in South Africa for the past year, but this rising star has now asked to represent Samsung Africa. She is no stranger to representing Africa. Most recently she was nominated for a BET award in the African music category, in addition to performing at one of Obama’s Inauguration Ball’s.

Lira is a proud African and she commented on the fact that she thinks it is a great synergy between her brand and Samsung. I couldn’t help laughing at Lira’s reply, when a Sowetan journalist asked how much Samsung are paying her. Lira simply replied, “How much do you get paid?” …lol…. That shut her up…

Well done Lira… And well done to Samsung…


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