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Celeb’s rocking #KanyeShades at the @CastleLite @KanyeWest Concert

Khanyi Mbau and Mika StefanoThis past weekend Castle Lite brought out the international hip hop legend, Kanye West. This was their second huge activation that I attended and I must say, I was rather impressed. Once again, Castle Lite pulled out all the stops… They transformed the Dome into a giant igloo, filled with some of Johannesburg’s coolest people dressed in white. I asked myself, why white tho… Four events in one week, with an all white dress code… Lets hope we introduce All Pink Party’s and All Denim Party’s to our social sphere…

Now, to be honest, a lot of people were un-happy with the waiting and the delays, but what I don’t think they understood was it was not a Kanye West concert, but rather a Castle Lite brand activation. A Castle Lite activation featuring Kanye West. That said, I too got a bit uptight with waiting but Castle Lite made sure everyone had more then enough to drink. In addition to providing some of South Africa’s finest local acts to be part of the opening line up.

Earlier on Saturday, I got into a spot of trouble (once again) when I asked if Khanyi Mbau would be at the concert, now that she is no longer a GoldDigger. This became a mini twar, but it wasn’t a bitchy remark but rather a joke. I wouldn’t bitch at Khanyi for no reason… That would be like shooting myself in the foot. Khanyi and I are cool (for the record). And the funny thing is, when Kanye performed GoldDigger, Khanyi stood on a table and danced as if the rent was due.

Khanyi Mbau and TebogoShe was there with her good friend turned boyfriend Tebogo. Funny, the first time I spotted them together was at the Dome… Now look, they are a happy couple… Khanyi’s hair looked nicer at this shorter length.

SlikourSeeing as we were at a Kanye concert, I thought it would be so cool catching some of our local celebs in #KanyeShades. I was surprised I was the only person who bought a pair of shutter shades along… Anyway’s, here is South African hip hop artist, Slikour rocking the #KanyeShades. Also sipping on some Castle Lite.

Anele Mdoda94.7 radio DJ and Clash of the Choirs judge, Anele Mdoda rocking the #KanyeShades with a fierce pink pout…

LornaNot alone rocking the pink lips, was Lorna Maseko. I think she looked uber pretty rocking the #KanyeShades

Lorna MasekoI think she was more entertained by the group of dancers dancing in the VIP then the actual concert… She is a dancer after all… Perhaps she was jacking a few moves….

AKA's DancersThe group of dancers who couldn’t stop dancing…

AzaniaMetro FM DJ Azania seemed to know most of the words of Kanye’s songs…. I suspect she is a big fan…lol… She was the first celeb to rock the #KanyeShades

T-Bo TouchFellow Metro FM DJ, T-Bo Touch thought he was on the set of an Akon music video…lol… Kept dancing while I was trying to snap a picture. He couldn’t stop talking about Miguel, who he is bringing to SA in three weeks time. To be honest, I am looking forward to Miguel. He is sexy… The Body!!!

SK KhozaChannel O presenter, SK seemed like he had every wrist band possible… But he didnt have a pair of #KanyeShades 

Danny K And LisaI was surprised to see Danny K at the concert. I like his girlfriend Lisa. So friendly. She asked what her glasses said and I told her they said “I ❤ Danny K”…

ShugaHip hop artist, Shugasmax was there with his new wife… #CuteCouple

Lerato SengadiLerato Sengadi looked sexy with her #KanyeShades

SunshineSo did her friend and reality star, Sunshine… Love the earings Sunshine…

PhekoTalking about reality TV stars, this is PK. He is part of a dance crew or something like that and they were busy filming a pilot for their TV show… Eish, nowdays everyone is a reality TV person… Well as long as they get many close ups of his lips, I am sure he could be the next Nonhle Thema. (NOH8)

FredOn again off again Vuzu presenter and cool kid, Fred looked cute in the  #KanyeShades 

Brown ShugaEven fellow blogger, Lelo of Just Curious wore the #KanyeShades

Black SwanBut there had to be those few who didn’t dress up. Introducing the black swan of the evening…

AKAAKA also stayed away from white… He wore the same outfit he performed in. I must say, he gave an awesome surprise performance… Altho, I was a bit upset to see AKA as the surprise performance… I mean, this guy performed at my birthday four years ago… Hardly a surprise to me… Then again, the way he entered the stage, one could have easily thought Rihanna was about to perform. It was cool seeing AKA dancing with his dancers and apparently this was the first time all the special artists on the Victory Lap remix performed the song at the same time… I think they were just hoping to get a picture with Mr West…

Tholi BTholi B also refused to put on the #KanyeShades

Major LeagueMajor League were one of the opening acts. I guess they were too cool to rock the #KanyeShades….

Sizwe DlhomoAnd then there was Sizwe Dhlomo, who just laughed at me, when I asked him to wear the #KanyeShades… 😦 But I forgave him, as he was an awesome emcee for the evening…

Overall, I enjoyed my evening out with Castle Lite and Kanye…
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