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Introducing Priddy Ugly

There’s a young new hip hop cat on the streets, who goes by the name of Priddy Ugly… Funny thing is he is far from Ugly…. I had a quick word with him, to get to know him better and this is what went down… Trust me, it was hard focussing on the questions. This kid is easy on the eye…

Priddy Ugly

MikaStefano: Who is Priddy Ugly? 
Priddy Ugly: …lol… I am Priddy Ugly Mika. Priddy Ugly is just a cool, chilled, positive, and humble spirit.  All round nice guy, I’m just the type of person that wants to see everyone succeed. I’m a fitness fanatic
MikaStefano: That I can see nana…
Priddy Ugly: Hahaha, Come on Miks. I also love all things artistic, creative and different. I am a musician and soon to be a qualified Protools audio technology and sound engineering professional.

MikaStefano: Why should we know you? 
Priddy Ugly: Well you don’t have to know me, I would like people to know of me though, through the work I put out and in how I present myself.  I’m a musician who stresses the concept of quality and constant and consistent growth.  I believe for any product or service on the market, a level of quality is of utmost importance, regardless of price. I don’t mind putting out quality for free, for as long as people appreciate the work and product I give them. One can only be the best for so long, someone always wants that spot, being great is what I achieve for, because that’s eternal.

Priddy Ugly
MikaStefano: What do you have to offer that other hip hop cats don’t have to offer? 
Priddy Ugly: Quality, truth and inspiration. My music is an expression of myself, I give myself in every track, you can’t listen to my project and not know who I am, what I stand for and what I believe in. I only express truth in my music, and if its not my truth its someone elses. I aim to make music that people can relate to, music that will inspire people to go out there and strive for what they want and go out and make it happen. But most importantly, I stress quality, in my music videos, in my songs and in my performance. The industry is filled with guys trying to compete with each other, I’m my biggest critic, therefore the only person I want to be better than, is myself.

MikaStefano: You have worked with AKA. Any other artists you would like to work with?
Priddy Ugly: There are many artists I would like to work with, and if there’s one thing about me, its that I don’t limit myself. As much as there’s are South African artists I would love to work with, I don’t find it impossible to work with international artists too.
I would love to work with the Ministry of Mali music.
Labrinth, he is an amazing musician and producer.
And one day get  Dr.Dre to master and mix one of my songs

MikaStefano: That would be awesome. Who on our shores would you like to work with?  
Priddy Ugly: Locally, the Soil, Zama Jobe, the homie Casper Nyovestte, just to name a few.

Priddy Ugly
MikaStefano: Do you think the fact that you are sexy and good looking helps? 
Priddy Ugly: Lol, Mika though.. Really, I am? Did someone say that? Who??? Lol.

MikaStefano: (Puts Hand Up) Why you acting like this is the first time someone has said you are hot?
Priddy Ugly: Looks aren’t everything, but I will be honest in saying a lot of the doors that have opened for me were initially based on how I look, and my appearance, but I’ve proven on many occasions that my drive and talent far exceed my physical appearance. You only have your looks for a given period of time, but your drive and talent goes a very long way. But image is everything, good looks not so much, but how you present and package yourself and your brand, can set you miles ahead of the next guy.

MikaStefano: Where can people catch you performing? 

Priddy Ugly: Ill be going on a national tour soon to promote my new project, but for now you can catch me on your TV screens, Online, at your local parties and in the clubs. 

You can get a hold of (or stalk) Priddy Ugly on @Priddy_Ugly
Facebook – Priddy Ugly

Here is his latest music video called Swag Demonstration. Its a hot video…

And if you want some more eye candi, you should watch Love Hate

Not bad for a new kid on the block… Trust me, he’s the next big thing….


2 thoughts on “Introducing Priddy Ugly

  1. Mika, you should also check out 2Nyce (@moneynyce1 on Twitter). Was checking out his Wildin’ Out music video on YouTube. That’s another guy that is going to blow the hell up. Plus he’s hott *wipes drool*

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