Boity / Lalla Hirayama / LeAnne / Lee-Ann Liebenberg / Louise Carver / Mika Stefano / Shashi Naidoo / SPOTTED

Spotted at Tasha’s All White Party

Lalla, LeAnne and BoityThis past weekend I attended the lovely All White party hosted by the much celebrated Tasha’s in Melrose Arch. Tasha’s has become one of Johannesburg’s “IT” restaurants and judging by the celeb turn out, it shows just that. Either that, or these celebs were hungry and came for the delicious treats. I got there at 21:00, so there were no treats left for me… 😦 Reason I was late, I was dressed in purple from head-to-toe, so I had to pass an Edgars to buy a white T. After seeing Dion Chang’s Instagram pictures, I knew I couldn’t arrive looking like Barney the dinosaur. As I arrived my girl and one of my favourite local style icons, LeAnne was performing.

LeAnne DlaminiBetween us, she killed it… (Altho I am a big LeAnne fan) But her up tempo selection of songs sure got the party pumping.  Fly Chix (Vuzu’s new reality show – dont get me started on that foolery) were her back up dancers.

Louise CarverWhen I arrived, Louise Carver had already performed. I am also a big Louise Carver fan. It looks like she was “nice” if you know what I mean. I’ll forgive her, it was after 21:00, girls allowed to have a drink… or two.

Lex LeoSomeone who doesnt drink at all, is new R&B singer Lex Leo. You may have seen this guy out and about or even at fashion week, but now this professional dentist and model wants a career in the music industry. I had a nice chat with this guy and he seems focused. (Thats always good when you focused on your focus). He was Boity’s date for the night. DONT WORRY, they not an item, but simply good friends… Altho, they look kinda cute together…

Lee-Ann LiebenbergI felt bad when I introduced Lee-Ann Liebenberg to Lex Leo. I told her he is the new Danny K…lol.. Lots of laughs were had there. But Tia was in the building. (Side Note: Tia means This Is Awkward.)  I was pretty chuffed to be sandwiched in between two of South Africa’s hottest women… If I was straight I would have had a hard on… Thank god I am not straight…

Lalla HirayamaLalla Hirayama and her boo, Chris were there… These two look so cute together tho…

Lalla HirayamaLalla Hirayama and Chris showing each other some love… Nothing like a young kiss…

Lalla HirayamaBut one of Lalla’s fans was upset… Apparently he has had a crush on Lalla forever. Agg shame buti, askies…

Shashi Naidoo and HeatSex bomb or ticking time bomb, Shashi Naidoo was there… She has obviously been on a strict diet. She got uber upset when we tried to feed her.

Poor lady… Andre from Heat messed cake all over her… She reminds me of the witch from Wizard of Oz, who started melting when Dorothy threw water on her… Still love Shashi. What a diva…



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