Update on Morale (plus his new song)


Well known local hip hop artist, Morale is currently working on a new album. He has already recorded 5 new songs and is excited about his first single titled NOTHING LASTS FOREVER.

I have listened to it and I like it…  This is what the song is about

“Nothing Last Forever” is a beautiful and emotion evoking song. It’s dedicated to those who have lost someone dearest to them. In Morale’s case he speaks and reminisces of a lady in his life that passed away because of cancer. Khush is new talent that laces the bars on an international level, him and Morale are magic together. This is by far the best RnB/Rap collaboration locally. “Nothing Last Forever” is a sizzling radio hit. Lets hope radio will give it fair rotation. It’s a powerful song that deserves to be heard.

Morale was recently involved in a bad car accident. Late last year he was driving home on his motorbike, when a car hit him. He was in hospital for over a month and almost didn’t pull through. But his passion to live got him out and already a few weeks out of hospital he is already working on his third album. I bumped into him at gym the other day, where he is doing physio and he is doing well. He has lost a bit of weight, but is looking good. I have a funny feeling that this album will be his best album to date. I think, he will have a lot to talk about and his lyrics will be something we can relate too. I wish him a speedy recovery and I look forward to seeing more material from Morale.



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