Sucking dick at the Jamesson OTT Party

Jamesson hosted their well known OTT party this past weekend. To be honest, this was a bit of a let down. There was almost no food. There were 5 umbrella’s in the whole garden, so we left almost sunburnt. The guest list was as spectacular as an art exhibition at Arts on Main (not spectacular at all)
The same routine just another day… People massaging people, a photo booth and free drinks… I am hoping they take note of this and realise not only Mika was bored, but so were most of the people who were there….
Hopefully the next party, they bring something new….

Anyways, talking about bringing something new, I brought a penis straw that I got from Kuli Roberts, for my birthday to the party…
And seeing as the party kinda sucked, I got some of the cool people to show me how they would suck…

LeratoLerato is by far the sexiest sucker…

MokgadiMokgadi looks like she is a penny whistle player…

FezoRadio producer, Fezo went in….

Kgomotso ChristopherKgomotso didnt know what to do with it… Looks like she has her hands full… (No pun… altho, looking up…)

IMG_4620DJ Olwee showing off his skills…

Then there were the party poopers…

LucasMr Jamesson and Mr sexy body, Lucas… Look at that 6pack… Gosh… Can I show him what I can do to that penis…. straw.

Tumi VosterTumi Voster had never seen such a small penis… straw.

DJ CapitalDJ Capital grabbed his …… for comfort.

MaeezMaE from Teargas was scared…


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