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Spotted at the Chris Brown Concert

Mika Stefano

To be honest, I am not a huge Chris Brown fan, but after this past Saturday and seeing him live, I must give him props… Most hip hop artists come to South Africa with one mic and a few dancers, but Chris Brown brought a full show. There was a fancy set, a troupe of dancers and he even did a few costume changes. (Okay maybe he just changed his t-shirt, but still it was a new look)
I too decided on rocking a new look, and try look all hip hop-y… Wore a 47Brand Snapback and Jordans… #WORD!

Here are a few cool celeb friends I spotted at the concert…

TshegoModel, Tshego, who is rocking the NO WEAVE look… I must say she looks uber sexy…

WezaWeza was also rocking a new hairstyle… Also a NO WEAVE look… Both these chikita’s are famous for their weaves, so it was refreshing seeing them with something a little different.

SphumThe sexy songbird, Sphum was also rocking a short hairstyle… Think everyone is keeping it short and simple for summer… Sphum looked sexy… This girl has the “IT” factor… Can SA Media wake up… Give this Sister a break… (I called Her)

L-Tido, Sphum, Maggz

Look how sexy she looked… L-Tido is also looking rather sexy… Need to get that diet and gym with Thato… I see Maggz is now pushing purple… Thats whats up…

Priddy Ugly

Young hip hop cat, Priddy Ugly was also there… He wasn’t impressed with the concert… Agg shame… I was…


Channel O presenter, SK, was so busy with the fans, that I couldn’t even get a proper picture of him… Ya, the joys of having Zulu Swag…

DJ SnoopWith my boy, DJ Snoop. He is a part of Canoc productions, and I have to say a HUGE WELL DONE to Canoc… The concert was great and well organised and packed. (Fullest I have seen the Dome), so well done again…


And me with my gals, AKA HomoNostra… Bitches run this town… Best screen grab and make a warning…


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