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When life gives you lemons…

So last Saturday I went to the relaunch of the new, old Bruma flea market. I remember this market from my youth. They had an awesome arcade and a whole bunch of cool stalls. Then, for some strange reason, Bruma became the hottest spot you had to avoid. (perhaps, there were just so many other options)... Soon we forgot this shopping mecca and it became a distant memory…. But like a flashback, the memory has returned… Although now, it has been revamped and looks uber fancy. On Saturday’s they have a food market and they have various stalls. A whole bunch of cool celebs came through to do some shopping and these are some of the cool celebs I bumped into. I asked them to react to the famous statement WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS…. And this is how some of your favorite celebs reacted…

The Eaters

The Posers 

The Playful

Back to Bruma, its the perfect spot to do Christmas shopping if you on a budget and honestly couldn’t have come at a better time… I suggest you visit soon, if you based in Johannesburg…



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