Melinda Bam / Mika Stefano

Come on Sowetan…

So I was lucky enough to feature in the Sowetan Newspaper… Only problem is they spelt my name wrong. (Messed up my Google Alerts) Its MIKA STEFANO – Please look at the URL and make a note on how my name is spelt…

MIKA (like the gay pop singer) and STEFANO (like the bad guy from Days of our Lives)
And that’s what I am, a gay guy who is badLearn it, bookmark it and remember it…

Anyways, so Sowetan wrote this about me (with no picture, what’s new) 

Miss SA Melinda Bam also caused a stir when her friend, gay socialite and drag queen Mika Stephano, wore her pageant sash.

Stephano posed for pictures and paraded around with it in front of bemused fashion week guests.

One of the former Miss SA judges, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said what Bam did was not “kosher” in the beauty pageant industry.

“What she did is a no-no. The Miss SA sash should be treated with dignity and respect. I suspect she will be in trouble with the Miss SA office.”

1st, I am not a drag queen…

These are drag queens… I may wear a bit ( of make up, but I am not a drag queen.

Secondly, it wouldn’t be “kosher” as it was Yom Kippur (a very religious Jewish holiday, to find out about the holiday, visit the link). It would be terribly un “kosher”, as you chose to word it, if we were out in “drag” over Yom Kippur.

Thirdly I don’t think I am a socialite. I mean, I have never been nominated for a Feather Award. Miza, Lerato and Shakes are socialites, not Mika Stefano.

And for the 4th point, again, its Mika Stefano. (There are stickers all over South Africa as Andre Neveling (editor of HEAT) said on Vuzu’s 10Over10) {Vuzu is a Channel on DSTV, FYI}

And lastly, here is the picture you mentioned. Would have made your article really nice I think… Oh well, looks like you went to print already… BooWhoo…

Melinda Bam poses as Mika Stefano and Mika Stefano poses as Melinda Bam (note, she has sunglasses on and is doing my signature pout, with a subtle gay hand gesture and I am doing the beauty queen wave together with a winning look in my eyes…)

The reason why she was posing as Mika Stefano is because she applauds her gay friends and she salutes them. This week we enter into Africa’s biggest gay pride week as we celebrate Joburg Gay Pride. With several gay friends, she is proud that South Africa is the only African country that protects the rights of her gay and lesbian friends.

This article lacks research, it is filled with prejudice slurs and has as much spark as a 2 cent coin… I am not fighting with the Sowetan, I am just helping them with a few small errors…

Thanks for mentioning me… I’m now famous… Dusts glitter off my shoulder… BAM!!! (Melinda BAM…lol… I had to…) 



4 thoughts on “Come on Sowetan…

  1. I bet they weren’t counting on you beating them at their own game. Anyway, you are right about their article lacking research, it’s as though they just had to fill up space.

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