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Mika Stefano performing at Spring Fiesta

Last week this time I was at Spring Fiesta having the time of my life. As I mentioned in a blog post below, I performed on stage, with DJ Fresh and Euphonik behind me. I know a lot of you didn’t believe me, but thanks to @ThePartyCrewSA, here is a clip of me at the beginning of my routine… (one could say “at the beginning of his career as a South African legendary entertainer”…) 


One thought on “Mika Stefano performing at Spring Fiesta

  1. hey mika…….oh my goodness i love you tooooooo bits!!! i was cheering for you the whole time when ou were on stage.thank you so much for being a wonderful person and a good role-model for us gays…(cant stop crying) keep on doing what you do best.i am behind you all the way.the last time i saw you was at the spring fiesta,total highlight of my life!!
    my wish is to meet you in person and get to see what you do daily….i realy look up to you.LOVE YOU STAX!!!

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