Bahumi Mhlongo / Bonang / Cover Story's / Somizi

Front Page Glam

Two covers that stood out when I went to go check up on the rags were the two covers below…

First was Blaque Magazine

First, well done to Blaque Magazine on doing a story like this…
Secondly, wow, Bahumi is gorgeous…

There is a lovely 8 page spread photo shoot of Somizi and his stunning daughter, Bahumi.
I think she is gorgeous! Daddy taught her how to look after herself. What a beautiful young girl…

Another beautiful young girl graces the cover of Elle Magazine. Bonang… Not only did she grace the cover of Elle Magazine, but she is also covered in Louis Vuitton.

How hot does Bonang look tho… I prefer this pic, to the cover, but that’s just because I love the sunglassesGot’s to sell my car to get a pair… 

Two great covers, two great diva’s and two great reads, without a doubt…
Grab a copy of each and tweet me your thoughts…





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