AKA / DJ Switch / Elma Smit / Keenan Arrison / Kwela Tebza / Red Bull / Rob Forbes / Roxy Burger / SPOTTED / Thula Sindi / Thulane Hadebe / Ty Keogh

Spotted at the Red Bull “3 flava’s” launch….

This past Monday (I know, who has an event on a Monday, ramdom), Red Bull launched 3 new variants to the popular energy drink brand, Red Bull. Red – Cranberry, Silver – Lime and Blue – Blueberry.  A few celebs (desperate for an energy boost, or some good PR) headed down to the event to sample the new Red Bull flavours.

DJ Switch had to be there, seeing as he is a Red Bull ambassador. His music video drops this week. Looking forward to seeing it…

AKA and his manager, Tibz were also there… They recently dropped their music video for Jealousy. I like the jacket AKA… Nice look…

Roxy Burger looked cute in purple…

Loved Thula Sindi’s jersey. light knit with a bold design…

The Wild’s Ty also looked good in a nice pair of jeans and a button down jacket… Could he be a nominee in the GQ Best Dresssed Mens Awards… Time will only tell…

He was there with his partner in crime Keenan Arrison… These two are becoming the new male Eda Rose…

*sigh*…. Mpho Lerole and girlfriend Fatima. Looks like Fatima turned her hand bag into a goodie bag… Girl your bag looks heavy… Could it be packed with Red Bulls?

5FM’s Elma Smit (who looks a lot better then she sounds) and Rob Forbes (who sounds a lot better then he looks) were there too… Look at the background of this pic to get an idea of what the party was like…


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