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Do you have what it takes to be the next @VuzuTV presenter

Mika Stefano, Thulane Hadebe and Ridwaan went down to Nelson Mandela Square to see some of the young faces who were auditioning to become the new V-Entertainment presenter.
These were a few of the faces that we thought stood out…


32 thoughts on “Do you have what it takes to be the next @VuzuTV presenter

  1. It’s been my dream,my entire life to be a tv presenter. I’ve been a guest presenter on hectic 9 already and would love love and love to be a vuzi presenter! Please tell me how I can make that happen!pretty please

  2. My dream, my passion really I would love to be a TV presenter or to be selected for auditions, I think my job has given me an absolute advantage as I do lot of public speaking and interviews. I would appreciate the experience.

  3. I’d loooove to be a Vuzu presenter. I think it takes someone who is broadminded, funny, beautiful or handsome and someone who has goals and who can bring something different to the channel as a whole, not just an ordinary somebody…

  4. #abaphile abantu* put your effort in to me I will do my best I promise you guys you won’t regret I am the best I’m sure people the will like to watch show because I won’t bore them I will rock them #abaphile abantu*

  5. I believe I have what it takes to be the next vuzu presenter because I’m bubbly, loud, confident and know what I want. I am different and I stand out from the rest . I am the next vuzu presenter!

  6. I would like to be a presenter I have what it takes, I’m not camera shy and I am a fast learner and a good listener too. I am a funny, loud, bubbly, talkative young hot lady who would love to be Vuzu’s next big hope ya’ll reply this is Nina

  7. Good Afternoon . . I Would Gladly Appreciate It If You Guys Notify Me As To When The Next Auditions Will Be . . Sincerely Lebo

  8. I won’t be like everybody else and say its always been my dream to be a tv presenter but I see it as a platform of greatness…chance be given that I make it as a VuzuTv presenter…it would be a great honor to be in the same room as the beautiful Lalla and Dineo…do consider me, check me out on twitter – @Bradley_kyles and on facebook – Sebastian Bradley KylesPeterson… You will not regret it 🙂 thanks..much love, stay fresh

    • I have what it takes to be the next presenter and that’s because I talk to much, love interacting and I would really love to meet new people. So again I have what it takes because I am VUZU
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  9. Being a presenter has always been my dream. I believe I was born to be one and becoming a vuzu presenter would be a dream come true..

  10. Presenting! Wow..I have dreamed of being an entertainer and presenting since I was 9 years old. I find vuzu and the whole team ssoo inspiring. I never miss an episode of V entertainment and it would be an opportunity of a lifetime for me to present on vuzu. Thanks

  11. Hello Guys
    I’m about to brag about myself a Little here.. but if I don’t ,who will? I’m not going to bore you by saying it’s been a life long dream of mine(even though it has been )and by telling you my life story ,I mean you’ve heard that a million times and I would jump off a bridge if I had to hear it once more . But I can tell you I had a dream about Shelton Forbez which could be a sign right ?.I’ve never really had much TV presenting experience which could be a downfall in terms of what you are looking for but Let me tell you I really think I don’t need TV presenting experience to know that I’ve got the voice for it.Oh and the face for it (well I was told last night by my drunk uncle , I hope he meant it and you gotta trust the family right). I won’t lie though, I’m a big fan of Vuzu but then again who isn’t. I have a very bubbly personality but then again sadly who the hell doesn’t these days . Except I’ve got an element of always daring to be different and that’s hard to find. If I were you I would probably pick me:) lots of love (please)
    Oh I don’t like to brag about myself without evidence so I’m gonna hit you up with my Instagram handle so you can at least see for yourself if my uncle was like hella drunk!
    Oh by the way I’m not that much of a reader but I have this thing where I adapt quickly (genetics)
    Just a little heads up and it’s better to be honest so yeah (please consider me for the auditions) and love ya:)
    Damn it’s a long ass message . I’m sorry

  12. I have always wanted to be in the spotlight and being on tv is where I want to be I live for media whether its on tv or making music . Media is the only place I want to , there’s no place I’d rather be

  13. I have always wanted to be in the spotlight and being on tv is where I want to be I live for media whether its on tv or making music . Media is the only place I want to , there’s no place I’d rather be.
    To get a hold of me my Facebook account is Gugu Buthelezi , twitter @buthelezi49 , instagram lil_mis_g

  14. I’m a 17 year old kid who’s dream is being a TV personality n not only be that but to inspire young people like me because many have talents buh are being wasted an also it’s hard wanting to follow your dream n when your parents do believe in yew so I believe I can be the next youngest presenter in the entertainment world

  15. Im a 2nd year media student at boston media house acardia and have the ability to be a presenter , im very out spoken ,not shy at all and its all i ever wanted in my life…only if i could audition so you can be able to see my potential nd talent..hope to get feedback i swear u wont be dissapointed!!

  16. hi vuzu!!!
    id love to know what does it take to be a presenter on ventertainment
    and when are the casting calls

  17. Am more passionate about doing media that’s has always being my dream to share my personality with the world ….being vuzu presenter will really change my life

    any auditions?

  18. I would like to be a guest presenter on V Entertainment but where do i start? I just want to be proud of myself and have others proud of me…i dont have any stage fright so im more than ready to find myself in that stage, OMG

  19. hey I’ve seen this add on vuzu and am really interested sense I’ve always wanted to be a tv presenter befor I would like to audition for this search, am from kimberley but currently visiting in joburg east rand, so please help on or were to enter please.

  20. hi my name is cynthia kekana I’m 20years old and yes I do have what it takes to be the next vuzu presenter,this is a great opportunity..we need new faces in the game..I’m your girl…we loooovvveee vuzu….

  21. I have always wanted to know and understand the other side of doing the work instead of watching from home even if it will mean one day experience it will be a dream come true trust me Please make my dream come true please

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