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Exclusive: Nutty Nys feat. Mablerh – Umbuzo

So fellow blogger and social buddy, Mablerh has teamed up with house music legend, Nutty Nys (impressed) to create a fun song… Yes, some may say I opened the doors… But I am not interested in that, what I am interested in, is this fun, hot song… And it is such a “Nutty Nys” kinda song…. You can hear “Nka modira” (or maybe its just me….)

Its in Zulu, so you may miss some of the humour… Ngentlantla ngiyasazi isiZulu (Google Me)

Its a hot song… Tell me what you think… Its in perfect timing for December…


4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Nutty Nys feat. Mablerh – Umbuzo

  1. this pic thou……. is dis nt da pic where a while bck lelo (or is it kiki, cnt remembr) said she took in sum party when he found blessing cross wth smthng dat sum1 said to hm? mara blssng y ddnt u make sho dat JC was da 1st 1 2 tell us abwt dis? #hides#

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