Lushwill Rossouw / Sexiest... / SPOTTED

Lushwill Rossouw strips for me…

So you may remember the sexy Lushwill Rossouw from the recent Bar One Man Hunt show. He was the sexy guy who walked away with the prize and beat the sexy Gregg Hammond and Patrick Kasongo. (And I have him as a friend on Facebook. :-p) But today I actually got to meet this hunky piece of man and boy was he hunky…

One of the prizes was a Harley Davidson. A brand new, sexy Harley Davidson… Too bad Lushwill can’t drive a bike… I guess he now has reason to learn… He told me he used to have a Scooter in Cape Town, so at least he has a head start…

This is how he undressed for me… And the small crowd who happened to also be there…
(Watch the video to see him TAKE IT OFF..)

He didnt say much, but honestly, what does he need to say…

I just wanted to ride… the bike… Nothing like a powerful machine between your legs…
He made me dizzy and I only had a sip of bubbly..

Even Sydney had trouble focusing… Lushwill had me walking around with a mild erection, I had to think of dead puppies.

This Bar One Man so deserves the extra hour, in his 25 hour day… He can share it with me… Any hour Lush… 😉


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