AKA / Bonang / Music Video Moments

EXCLUSIVE: First look at AKA’s new music video, “Jealousy”

First, AKA is a liar…. He promised me I would be in his next music video… 😦 Lets hope I will be in the next one… #PuppyEye’s…

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the stills from the new music video called Jealousy. And now I am really jealous. A whole bunch of cool celebs make celeb cameo’s in the video. The likes of DJ Cleo, Da L.E.S, Khuli Chana and the oh so sexy Bonang.

This should make some one jealous 4 sho… Bonang looks sexy and AKA is wearing his You Magazine blazer. Pure hotness… Roar like Simba…

Please dont tell me that is Lalla… Khuli Chana and AKA sipping on some bubbly or is it Jameson…

AKA’s newest BFF, Da Les is also in the video. I find this friendship so weird… I guess Tropika brought them together… Mango & Orange?

The video is dropping soon and I cant wait to see the full video… You know it will find a place on MikaStefano.com
Also wondering what DJ Cleo is doing in the video… Hmmm…

Anyways, I am proud of AKA… Still remember when he performed at my birthday 4 years ago… Make them jealous nana…


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