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a REASON to listen to SA Hip Hop

Now I may not be your typical hip hop head… In fact I am not even your typical hip hop hunny, but I do feel I am a part of the urban hip hop community and I suppose that gives me clout to tell you whats hot and whats not…

I have seen this album REASON AUDIO 3D in the CD store and obviously I was drawn to it, thanks to its bright, colourful cover, yet I had no idea who it was? Then I was driving in my car and I heard a hot track on radio and I turned the volume up, to find out its a ‘new’ South African artist called Reason. I then had a Flashback to the Youth Day event at Chaf Pozi where he performed and I was like “Who is this guy?” But then I had another flashback to that bright CD cover I saw in the new Musica in Sandton and I was like “Maybe I give the CD a try… I mean, the song on radio is hot and the cover is hot…. ”

And that is what I did. Last week I got my hands on this CD and I swear it has not left my CD shuttle since.
If you are a fan of free flowing lyrics, hot beats and real words spoken by a real person then you will enjoy this. It is an honest album that is as addictive as…. (I dunno, something addictive). For a while hip hop fell into the ‘Kenny Kunene bracket’. People flossing about their fancy cars, popping bottles and victorious laps around the rain… Blah Blah Blah…

Eventually someone opened the door and let some fresh air in. And boy have we needed it! Sad thing is because the album is so grounded and honest I don’t think the general ear will appreciate it. However if you have ever enjoyed listening to old school hip hop and actually enjoy listening to the words of a song rather looking for fun catchy hooks then you should try give this album a listen. I haven’t met the guy but I hope he goes far. Apparently he has been around for a minute, but only now, has he made it onto my radar. (And I am so glad he has… #NoHomo)

I like the sound he has created and I look forward to hearing other people talking about this guy he deserves it and now we have a REASON…

A cool thing I found out about the guy, every time he performs, he says thanks to some of South Africa’s hip hop heavy weights… That’s kinda cool that he shows respect to some of the greats who have led the way. Another cool thing I find out is he will be jumping on DJ Capital’s very first song together with Ganja Beatz… I was lucky enough to hear the beat and I cant wait to hear the actual recorded song.. 

You may recognise the beat of this song… Clever I say.


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