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Bite Size Gossip: Quick and Tasty…

Pabi Moloi becomes the Avon Justine iThemba Ambassador.

I think this is such cool news… I really like Pabi. She is an amazing talented young woman and she is beautiful. She has grown into such a strong, powerful woman and I respect her for that. Well Done…

I have listened to her show on 94.7 this week and she is an amazing radio personality…

What I think is cool about the campaign is that Pabi wont just be the face of the brand, but she will also be involved in the Avon Justine iThemba Breast Cancer Crusade for Hope. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness and promote education regarding breast cancer.

I couldn’t have thought of a better young woman to be the ambassador of an awesome campaign…

Well Done Pabi Moloi. Well done Avon…


Euphonik has joined the likes of FlashRepublic, Locnville, Danny K and Freshly Ground in getting his own Superga shoe design..

The shoes hit the shelves in November this year. They will be available  in both Superga stores and at Edgars.

Each of the artists helped design their shoes, and bits of their personality are reflected on their shoes…

One of South Africa’s most successful dance/house DJ’s, DJ Euphonik, has chosen to give the sleek design of the popular swallowtail, a touch of swagger, by keeping it minimal in regal black and gold withpatent leather detailing. DJ Euphonic’s sneaker represents his clubbing fans perfectly and it is sure to be a talking piece at any happening gathering.

Well done Euphonik… One step in the right direction… 
Here’s a look at the other shoes…


And the coolest bit of news is about me (Mika Stefano) … Read one of the comments of Just Curious and this is what it said…

Looks like I made the list… Whoop Whoop… 2012 reigning queen… I best get going, I have 5 more months before my reign is up… Wonder who will make 2013?


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