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I walked the Walk…

So every year, Discovery Health together with 702 shut down the streets of Johannesburg for their annual Walk The Talk. On this special day, over 60 000 people all walk the streets of Emmerentia. Last year I walked the walk with Saz (NoHomo) and this year I decided to do the walk with a group of friends… Some, who also host shows on Trans Africa Radio… I would have done the 8KM walk, but the guys wanted to do 5KM, so we opted for the easy (so we thought) route…
I think this is the fun walk that families and friends do. Along the way, I noticed physically disabled people doing the walk and this was when I realised, that it is actually an amazing event. Some friends (perfectly able) chose to sit at home and just be lazy, couch potatoes, and here were these disabled people, out on the streets, attempting to walk. To be honest this was a moving experience. Besides the whole metaphore of us all walking in the same direction, it was a special sight to see. Well done to everyone who actually woke up early on a Sunday morning and did the walk…

The theme was Lace Up… (Get it… Lace Up… shoe Laces….) I wore a scarf that looks like 100’s of laces, a lace glove and an old pair of tracksuit pants with sneakers with laces all over.

One of the sexiest girl groups in SA were also there… Apparently they performed while we were walking… That sucks, cause I love them… They used to be called La Vuvuzela and now they are known as BlackByrd… They are powerful when they stand together… I mean 3 pretty girls, all made up and looking fierce, amongst a bunch of sweaty fans wearing blue Walk The Talk V Necks… (I am not talking about Thulane… But ya…lol…)

The oh so sexy Melinda Bam (also known as Miss South Africa) was also there. Apparently she did the walk in record time… I like this girl… She has such a sexy body… #NoHetro…

Celeste who is Miss SA Teen also looked cute… I think this year we have two beauties as our Miss SA and Miss SA Teen. Remona aint bad too, but she was no where to be seen…

This guy, (2nd runner up… 2nd prince, not even 1st prince) Was walking around as if he was Mr South Africa. And everyone thought he was… I swear, he got more attention then Melinda and Celeste combined… Perhaps it was his uber tight white T-Shirt, that hugged his perfectly toned, well built, hunky, beefy body?

Trans Africa Radio DJ’s, Gilson, El Raffeal and The PhlyBoy also did the walk. El Raffeal did the 30 km walk and was exhausted… Think he is still recovering…

Elana Afrika, who was up in Joburg, also did the walk… I caught her on the phone with her nail stylist… She must have broken a nail along the walk… Aggg shame loveee… Good thing Hyde Park was just around the corner, and they could squeeze you in…lol… (The lifestlye…) 

Mac G was on the decks and brought a bit of urban to the suburbs… (Thank gosh)

I would recommend everyone does  the Walk The Talk at least once… It is a lovely thing to do with friends and family or if you competitive, to do the big walk. But you need to register…. I found this so funny…lol…

Next year I wanna do 8KM or the 15KM… Will need to do a bit of training prior… But that will happen next year…lol… For now I am still trying to recover from the 5KM…lol….


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