Brutal Fruit announce their Goddess of Glam

So last night a few people flocked to Rivonia to meet the new Brutal Fruit Goddess of Glam…

(There I thought I was the Brutal Fruit Glam Queen… Then I got an invite for me and me alone… (no plus 1… Tjo, I have never)) Imagine arriving at an event alone, when I have a string full of straight sexy boys to introduce to the world…

So I went to the Wrangler event, but here are a few pictures of what went down…

Bonang and Gert

Kuli Roberts

Shashi and Jay


Simba and Shashi

Mikella Efstratiou, Tiisetso Tycee, Carla Briers, Bonang, Nthato Mashishi, Tamzin Elliot & Gert Johaan Coetzee

Ya… those are the pictures from the event… Doesnt look like I missed much… In future, please invite me plus a partner or rather dont invite me… (Thank You)…
Still love Brutal Fruit…


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