Tuesday's Trend Alert

Tuesday’s Trend Alert…

This year Superga celebrates its 100th birthday… It was first born in Italy and become the shoe of many, after producing 100’s of various canvas designs, it soon became earned the title of “The People’s Shoe of Italy”.

There is nothing like a pair of comfy takkies and Superga has kept South African’s comfortable and stylish for the past eight years. The shoe is available in over 900 different retailers. However, not only are they available in various stores, they are also available at their own Superga stores in both Rosebank and Sandton (JHB). But today I found out the great news. In a few weeks, the Superga store will be moving to the mother city, Cape Town.
Opening on the 30th August in Canal Walk, the new Superga store promises to be a real treat for Superga addicts.

We are thrilled to introduce a space where our Cape Town consumer can feel and understand the Superga brand. Canal Walk was strategically selected as we felt the mall appealed to a large market segment, as does our brand”, Craig Joseph, CFO.

This is something to look forward to if you are living in Cape Town. I’ll be sure to pop in, when I am in town… 🙂


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