Tuesday's Trend Alert

Tuesday’s Trend Alert…

So I have decided every Tuesday I will talk about a hot trend on the streets. Be it a fashion trend, a lifestyle trend or a sexual position that may be trendy… (not that I will know about that…) But that’s what Trendy Tuesday is all about. Learning about and discovering new trends that are the hot topic of the moment.

I was lucky enough to receive this weeks Trend as a gift and I think its the coolest gadget ever. Well, for the ladies… And guys who wear make up.

This week’s hot trend is the Model Mirror.

So it looks like a little purse. But its a flip mirror…
But that’s not the cool thing… I mean, coz we all have mirrors…

The cool thing about this mirror is it has built in LCD lights on the side. So now you can do your make up in a club or in the loo at the mall or even in the cinema, so when you walk out, people wont see that you have been crying. Its compact and the mirror side with the lights is magnified, so you can do eye’s easily…

There are 100’s of different designs to choose from. Casual, smart, sexy and even patriotic.

Eva Longoria swears by the model mirror and now they have just landed in South Africa.

I have the snake skin design, so please dont pick the same design, unless you really want to be like me…

To order a Model Mirror before they hit the stores at a discounted price (if you quote MikaStefano.com) email Sam on samuel.lwambwa@gmail.com


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