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MTV Base are looking for a new VJ

So we all know MTV Base are looking for a new VJ, but the highlight of my evening was not the announcement party, nor was it being a few steps away from the hunky talented Sizwe… The highlight was catching up with Nigerian super star, Banky W. And what was even more incredible was the fact he came to greet me and he knew my name… I almost died… Banky W has to be one of the biggest artists in Africa and he knew my name… (dusts glitter off my shoulder). But honestly, he is such an awesome man. If I had to give the definition of a gentleman, I would list him as an example. He was telling me he was in South Africa (not only for the MTVBase VJ launch) but also to try his hand at acting again. He has a role in the popular TV show, Jacobs Cross and has been busy filming for the past few days… This should be worth the watch…

Back to the launch, MTVBase are looking for a new, young, dynamic person to join the MTVBase family and be the new VJ. (I hope this doesnt mean Sizwe is going….lol….) But maybe a search like this will help discover a younger version of Sizwe…

In case you didnt know, Sizwe is the second guy on the left. He won the first MTVBase VJ search and now look at him…

Other cool celebs who came thru included 2/3rds of Teargas and JR

I still dont understand this hairstyle of JR’s?

The cover girl of the moment, Azania will be one of the judges. She looked stylish as usual… We joked about what cover she hasn’t been on in the last 3months… Lady has been busy… And has a TV show as well.. Kida cool that she is a judge for MTV Base Africa, after all Azania means Africa. .

South Africa’s HHP is also one of the judges…

I am sure Eda Rose will enter… She would make a cool VJ tho…

Jozi’s biggest bla ba mouth’s, Lerato, myself and Kuli were also there… People feared us, when we stood together. They started fixing their weaves and panty lines…. Shame…

DJ Warras was on the decks…

Social butterflies, Tumi and Fundi were also at the party. Perhaps Tumi should enter? She’s sexy…

DJ Dimples came through to show some support. Was hoping he would DJ.. Altho, I left early, so he may have jumped on the decks…

Fellow blogger Denphat was also at the party… 

But at the end of the day, I think the decision will come down to these two guys. Tim and Sizwe…

I wouldn’t mind being an MTVBase VJ… I love African music… Wonder if I should audition?


Auditions for the 2012 MTV Base VJ search will be held at the following locations:

Download the registration form, please go to

Saturday 14 July Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Durban
Saturday 14 July Cape Gate Shopping District, Cape Town
Saturday 21 July Viacom International Media Networks Africa, 1 Saxon Road, Hyde Park,  




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