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Tropika Island of Treasure 5 Contestants Revealed.

Today the 7 lucky celeb contestants were announced at a lovely brunch at the Da Vinci hotel in Sandton. Besides freezing my ass off, because it was held right at the pool deck and walking away with a runny nose, it was a great event. So cool to see some of these celebs in daylight…

Just for the record, I was the first blogger/journo/unofficial person to know who the contestants were… Why? Because I am Mika Stefano and thats what I do… Anyways, these are the contestants again… I have included a pic with myself and them as well as their Tropika sexy pictures, so you can start drooling now…
They ran a competition at the launch. — “Who can guess the contestants, and get a picture with all of them.” Obviously I won… These are my winning pictures… (Thanks to Zola who took them) 

The first contestant was the former beauty queen and Zoopy presenter, Phuti. She looked like such a diva… (Love her and all, but I think she will be the first one voted out)
Is it just me, or does she not look like a younger, more attractive Uyanda Mbuli?
Mario Ogle who is a SAMA nominated artis and R&B singer. His debut album just went Gold and his second album is not doing too bad either.
He is too cute, I just hope the other naughty contestants dont influence this lil guy… Thank gosh theres a bit of eye candi for us girls… (He has the cutest 6pack)
Pearl Thusi, who came a day later looked cute in her Jamaican styled outfit… (Yes, season 5 is happening in Jamaica)
I am pretty sure a LOT of men are excited to see Pearl in a Bikini… (I am sure a few ladies are excited too)
Sexy model/ actress, Jay towered over everyone. This girl is sexy! There is just something about her…
Im sure a lot of fella’s would like to be that Tropika bottle right now…
For a moment I thought AKA had no rings on, but then he turned his hand, and his signature ring was there… I like AKA still, even though he is too cool to re add me on BBM… (SideEye)
Ya, thats AKA in beach wear…
I mean, I thought Da Les and AKA were like enemies? But at the launch, they seemed pretty cool… Ya ne, its amazing what the “Big 5” can do… Would have been cool having AKA and L-Tido on the same show. Congratulated Da Les on his shares in Ama Kip Kip… (You can see he’s wearing the tracksuit hoodie under the denim)
But Leslie used to be so sexy… Eish, I guess age doesnt look good on everyone..
And the last contestant is the sexy blonde bombshell, Reeva Steenkamp. I love this girl. She is cool, fun and sexy. And I think the boys all have a crush on her… She was on the cover of the iconic FHM cover, with her and the Ice Cream cones…
This is why she made the 10 Over 10 sexiest beach bodies list…
Other cool people who were at the launch included 
The awesome Chad Saaiman, came to support his friend, Mario Ogle. Chad should be on season 6…
One of my fav singers, Liz popped in… Perhaps she will also be on season 6?
Mo, who is now a singer was also there…. (To listen to his song, scroll down)
And the main guy, who helped me win the Tropika prize, Zola. Who is apparently working on the show as well…
I couldnt get a picture of Speedy, but I am glad I didnt… He was wearing a fake fur jacket… He looked like a cross between LL Cool Jay, J.Lo and a Colibri Towel…
Cant wait to catch the show later this year, on SABC1 (yes, I was right, its moving to SABC1)
Wonder who will win? 
Would love to do Season 6… #JustSaying (Starts day dreaming)  

4 thoughts on “Tropika Island of Treasure 5 Contestants Revealed.

  1. I must say, this is truelly a fab line up of celebs(guys*drool*)…im gonna love this season…..(**)

  2. This line-up has to be the biggest stretch of the definition of the word “celebrity” in the history of reality TV.

  3. How can we watch tropika island of treasure 5? I know its so many years later but is there no way we can download it?

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